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Hungover and going home: Willie says his goodbyes

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    Posted: 02 Dec 2011 at 11:14

Hungover and going home: Willie Carson says his goodbyes as he is the next camp mate to leave the I'm A Celeb jungle

By Kirsty Mccormack

Last updated at 12:46 AM on 2nd December 2011

It was probably the best day for Willie Carson to leave the I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here jungle - and luckily he did.

The Scottish star was feeling rather hungover and looked quite pleased as Ant and Dec called his name out.

The former jockey had managed 20 days in the jungle, and considering he thought he'd be one of the first two to be voted out, he did pretty well.


So close: Willie Carson was the next celebrity to sent home from the Australian jungle

As he hugged the rest of the group goodbye and ran across the bridge, Ant and Dec told him that they'd really been looking forward to interviewing him.

The pair greeted him with a glass of champagne, but Willie laughed, saying: 'Jeez, I ahven't got over the last one yet!'

He was of course referring to his night in the hot tub with Peter Andre where he got quite tipsy on the bubbly drink.

Willie picked up the glass of water instead and told Ant and Dec that being in the jungle was harder than what he'd imagined. 

'Not having the outside world was hard, but I didn't mind the conditions,' he told them.

'It was not getting the food, and then having to do things and get in trouble that was hard.'

The pair then went on to talk to Willie about the various trials and challenges that he had undertaken during his time in the jungle.


Back together: Willie looked really happy as he was greeted by his wife Elaine on the bridge


The Willie wiggle: The star and his wife started dancing for the cameras

They told him that the Bed Bugs challenge - which saw him flick some crickets - had caused a 'bit of a storm' in the UK.

'No animals were hurt in the making of that film,' he said defending himself.

But the conversation moved swiftly on to Willie's role as Camp Prince.

'I was a bit surprised that I was nominated,' he said.

'I think it's because I'm old. I didn't enjoy doing nothing though as I like to get my hands dirty.

'Both Lorraine and Crissy were my favourite princesses.'

The pair then moved on to the more touchy subject of the Camp Traitors, were Willie told them he still hadn't forgotten about it.

'The didn't wash with me,' he said. 'Dishonesty was shown to be worthwhile and I didn't like it.

'If you're dishonest, you should be punished - not the other way round.'


No more alcohol: Willie chose to have a drink of water rather than the champagne that was waiting for him

Willie finished his interview by saying that he wants all of the contestants to win the show, and as he gave in and took a sip of champagne, he crossed the bridge where he was reunited with his wife, Elaine.

At least before Willie left the jungle he got the chance to star in a soap opera on his last day there.

Dougie got the group all excited when he walked into camp with a camcorder and announced that the group had a new task to complete within an hour.  

As he began to sing the Coronation Street theme tune, he explained that they had to record their own soap opera.

Mark instantly began to think up the storyline in his head and started telling everyone what their roles would be be.

'Okay, so you’re my best mate,' he said as he pointed to Dougie. 'And your Dad is Willie and my wife is Fatima and you’ve come round to see me.'


Director: Antony found himself behind the camera as the group set about their task of filming a soap opera

'And you catch us in bed together,' Dougie added.

Fatima then came up with an idea, saying: 'You can jump out of the window and chase him.'

They then began filming a scene where Mark and Dougie were fishing together, but the McFly star didn't take his acting as seriously as his friend.

As Antony filmed the group, he began getting annoyed as Fatima kept butting in with ideas.

The next scene that they filmed was the former athlete taking her dog to the dentist.


Junglesty: The group chose a name for their new programme which they only had an hour to film

Fatima wanted to send him to the vets but the rest of the group disagreed thinking that the dentists would be more fun.

'We’re just trying to make it funny Fats,' Antony told her.

And he continued to take the job quite seriously telling Mark: 'Come on darling, we don’t have much time, it just has to be organic, time is money.'

In a later scene, Mark is seen coming home to find Dougie in bed with his wife Fatima and goes mad about it.

He then chased Dougie through the jungle, while Willie chased after them both to save the life of his son, but Mark soon caught up with him and pushed him in the river.


Gone fishing: Mark came up with the idea for their episode in the space of two minutes

'I’m proud of myself as I created a storyline in two minutes,' Mark said after they'd finished filming.

'I told Tony and he directed brilliantly.'

Coronation Street star, Antony, named the soap Junglesty.

But that wasn't the only thing that kept the camp mates entertained that day as they were also given a Skype quiz.

The group were asked four questions to which they all had to give their own individual answers.

The celebrity furthest away from the answer was told they would be eliminated from the game, and whoever won would be given the chance to speak to their loved ones via a three minute Skype conversation.


Caught out: The storyline saw Mark catch Dougie and his onscreen wife Fatima in bed together

Antony read out the first question which was: 'how many grams of rice have gone into camp this year?'

Willie immediately asked: 'What’s a gram?' and then the group all wrote their own answers on their chalk boards.

Antony then revealed his answer of 10,500 and as the rest of the celebrities said theirs it seemed that Antony had won that round but Dougie was eliminated.

Antony then revealed the second question, saying: 'How many toilet rolls have gone into camp this year?’

This time Willie was the furthest away from the answer and was therefore eliminated.


Skype quiz: The group were told they had to answer a series of questions and the winner would win a chat with their loved ones

As round three came about and Antony asked celebrities: ‘How many millilitres of washing up liquid have gone into camp this year?’ Mark told the group that he desperately needed the toilet, but instead he made his way to the Bush Telegraph.

Once inside he told the producers that he was able to see the answers to the questions through the laminated card.

He even admitted that he had cheated on the last question but that he felt it wasn't fair.

Mark then headed back into camp and revealed to the other celebrities that it hadn't been a fair test but Antony looked surprised.

'I am not saying you cheated, but I did...it’s just that you can see it.


Jotting it down: Antony was doing really well in the quiz

'If it was a chocolate biscuit I would say get on with it, but the fact that I could speak to my mum and Dad, I just can’t allow it,' he said.

But this angered Antony and he told Mark: 'Your lesson to learn is don’t look.'

'I just picked up the paper,' Mark replied.

A new laminate was then brought in with another four questions and this time question one was what is the population of Australia?

Fatima was knocked out of the first round but was annoyed, saying: 'I was doing better in the first game.'

The group were then asked: In centimetres what is the combined height of all the celebrities that have appeared in this series?’ to which Willie was knocked out.


Competitive: Fatima took the Skype quiz quite seriously

Question three saw Dougie become eliminated and as the final round was met, Mark and Antony were asked: Including yourselves how many celebrities have stayed in the jungle over the years?’

Antony gave the closest guess and was therefore the winner and had the luxury of speaking with his parents for three minutes.

But if Mark was worried about his struggling bromance with Antony after the cheating scandal then he needn't had worried as him and Dougie got to spend some quality time together.

Dougie arrived back in camp and told Mark that they would be doing the chest challenge together.

The pair set off together with a map and when they arrived they found a case of marbles, boxing gloves and a kangaroo outfits.

They then both sang the rules together.


Not bothered: Dougie and Willie didn't seem as enthusiastic as the rest of the group

'Marbles are everywhere but not all fit into the holes, those that do will raise the keys and lead you to your goal.'

'Two Essex boys working this out, we’re gonna be in trouble,' added Mark.

They then both changed into their Kangaroo outfits and put the boxing gloves on and tried to pick up the marbles and put them in the holes - but they didn't have much luck.

The pair can’t stop laughing at each other’s costumes, and a frustrated Dougie said: 'Bug challenges I’m fine with but this is just annoying.'

'We’ll do this together, we started it together,' Mark added.


Precious moment: Antony won the Skype quiz and therefore got to have a three minute chat with his parents

They tried to lift the boxes of marbles to make it quicker but that didn't work either.

'That was an Essex boy idea, bad idea,' laughed Mark.

He then decided on another way to get the key and used his tongue to swirl the key out from the box.

'Mark’s got some good tongue skills so he wound the key out,' smiled Dougie.

Mark then complimented his friend saying: 'It was a pleasure to spend the afternoon with you Dougster,' to which he replied: 'You too, you look hot as a Kangaroo.'


Looking silly: Dougie and Mark had to dress up as kangaroos to complete the daily chest challenge

The pair were in a great mood when they returned to camp but later that day they were the subject of another drama.

As Mark began to boil the water for dinner, Fatima told him to butt out.

'Don’t make me redundant,' she told him. 'I like to do my thing, don’t try and jump in, leave things the way I like things to be.'

She then went on to comment on his eating habits.

'You have eaten a lot of beans this evening and you can't just feed your face when you want to feed your face.


Fed up: Mark feels that people are treating him like a little boy and said that Fatima acts like his mother

'You’ve got hollow leg’s Mark. You’re always eating beans every time we look at you.'

Mark replied saying he wasn’t going to argue about something so stupid and said: 'Just be quiet.'

He then made his way to the Bush Telegraph and had a little whinge.

'I'm always being told what to do in here, people speak to me like I’m a little boy,' he said.

'I tried to put some water on and Fatima is always asking me to do the chores.

'People are very competitive in camp. Fatima is very, very competitive.  I'm not, unless it comes to something like speaking to my family.'

But as the group began to cook their crocodile fillet, it was Willie's turn to target the TV star.

He sat in the Bush Telegraph and began complaining about the amount of farting in the camp.


Hungover: Willie was feeling the effects of the champagne and was having a moan

'It's not just cold chilly wind but hot smelly wind,' he said to the camera.

'A couple of times we thought it was thunder but obviously we knew who the culprit was.

'And then one or two other people started slipping up, it seems people are not trying to hold it in as it were.

'Dougie and Mark are the culprits, but of course they're the ones that are eating all the beans. If you eat beans you know what's going to happen.

And Mark wasn't one to deny it, saying: 'Me and Dougie have been farting as we’ve been eating beans, but as my Granddad used to say "Wherever you may be let your wind run free, church or chapel let your old ass rattle."


Wandering: Willie decided to go to the toilet in the night but couldn't keep his balance

But perhaps Willie was in a bad mood because he was feeling a little bit hungover.

The former jockey had enjoyed a bit too much champagne the night before as he had a hot tub party with Antony, Dougie and Peter Andre.

But although he wasn't feeling tipsy before he went to bed, the short star believed that as soon as he got into bed it must have hit him.

And that was proven as Willie attempted to go to the toilet in the night and took a pretty big fall.

As he climbed over Antony's bed, he accidentally fell on top of him and woke him up.


Midnight visitor: Antony and Willie ended up in bed together

'I had no shoes or boots on, I had to get to the loo and I tried in vain to light a lantern,' he said the next morning.

'I can remember walking down the path,' he said demonstrating his staggering.

But someone who couldn't remember the episode was Antony who had no recollection of it the morning after.

'I was all over the place,' Willie continued.


Having a cuddle: Antony couldn't even remember the incident

'Even I must have thought it was funny, climbing over beds, laying over Antony, staggering up the path, and then security saw me home.

'It was a fun night, real fun night. I think possibly one of the funniest nights of the whole three weeks, but I'm paying the price now.

But it wasn't the only one who was feeling the effects of the alcohol as Antony stated he couldn't deal with leaving the jungle when he felt so rough.

'I can’t go home today, I’m not fit for travel so I’ll have to stay, I’m hungover!'

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