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Over before it started:Emily voted off I'm A Celeb

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    Posted: 30 Nov 2011 at 09:51

Over before it started: Emily Scott and Mark Wright's short-lived romance comes to an end as she's voted off I'm A Celebrity

By Kirsty Mccormack

Last updated at 8:21 AM on 30th November 2011

The may have been getting closer as the days went by but the romance between Mark Wright and Emily Scott has been forced to take a break.

Unexpectedly, the blonde model was the next contestant to leave the I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here jungle meaning that her flirting with Mark would be no more.

The day before, Mark had only just been discussing how Emily was definitely his type but now the pair will have to put their intimate massages and hugs on hold until the warp party.


Jungle free: Emily Scott was pleased to have left the jungle and said she was proud of herself


Tears of joy: The blonde began to cry when she was reunited with her mother

But Emily didn't deny that it felt good to leave: 'I feel amazing to be out. I've had the most incredible time in there.'

'I wanted to stay in as long as possible, but I'm proud of myself and proud of everyone in there.

The hosts then went on to ask Emily how she'd felt about being a latecomer in the camp.

'Everyone was so welcoming,' she said. 'They really made me feel comfortable.'

'I was trying to get to know everyone as quickly as possible.'

Ant and Dec then asked her if there was anyone that she was drawn to instantly and were obviously hoping for a specific answer, but as Emily reeled off the other camp mates, they finally asked: 'What about Mark?'

'Yeah Mark!' she replied.

'He's really sweet. He's cheeky but it was nice to get to spend time together away from the camp.


Back together: Emily still posed for photographs as her mother kissed her on the cheek

The pair then delved further and asked if she fancies him, and she answered 'yeah' straight away.

Emily then went on to speak about the challenges and trials that she had faced in camp and said it was all about eating.

'Everything is food in there,' she said. 'There's no way you can't come back with no stars.'

'Antony was quite protective of dinner and would get quite sensitive at times, but he was so creative with it and without him we would have had some dull dinners.'

She was then asked who she would like to see win the ITV show, and rather than saying Mark, she revealed two people who she thinks deserves the crown.

'I feel in my heart that it's a tie between Willie and Fatima,' she said.

'He's doing so well and Fatima just has the biggest heart.'


I'll miss you: Emily gave Mark a long hug goodbye once she realised she would be leaving the jungle for good

Ant and Dec then commented on the obvious atmosphere that was in the camp at that time and said perhaps it was good time for Emily to have left.

But at least she had fond memories of her and Mark together when they were chosen to go and complete the chest challenge together once again yesterday.

As they arrived at the challenge, they were greeted by a huge block of ice that had two swords encased in it.

Together they had to get the swords out from the ice but all they had to help them were two small hammers and a barrel of smelly water.


Perfect couple? Mark Wright has a new type now in the form of Australian Emily Scott

Glamour model Emily found the challenge quite hard but kept going, saying: 'It’s got to the point when it feels like home time but we’re never gonna give up, we can’t go back to camp without it.'

This prompted Mark to have a dig at the girls back home, when he said: 'Me and Emily are not quitters, that’s what I like about her, a lot of girls from Essex would give up, they don’t have that tough and ready to go attitude that Emily does.'

Perhaps it was Mark's kind words that kept Emily going, or the compliments that he was giving her earlier on.

As they walked through then jungle together, Mark complained that he was feeling 'hot, hot,' to which Emily replied: 'You are quite hot.'


Sword In The Stone: The flirty couple were chosen to do the daily chest challenge on I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here

This then prompted the TV star to say: 'I could walk for miles like this with your bum in front of me.'

'I saw your bum yesterday so only fair,' said Emily, referring to the naked wash that Mark had the day before.

Mark was pleased that he didn't have to wear a dress for the challenge like he had a few days before.

'I hope I haven’t got to wear a dress again, I know how to take them off but don’t know how put them on,' he smiled.

But this wasn't the end of their flirting as the pair continued to struggle with the Sword In The Stone challenge.

They began throwing the barrel of water over the ice in the hope that it would melt it, but when that failed, Mark had another idea.

'Shall I have a wee on it?' he asked Emily.

As he began to relieve himself on the ice, Emily asked: 'Is it a big one?, lots of steam coming off?'

'What do you mean is it a big one? Do you mean the wee or something else?' Mark replied.

The blonde laughed and said 'the wee.'

Mark's hard work finally paid off when the swords finally came out.


How will we do it? The couple were hot and tired as they figured out the best way to beat the challenge


'I could walk like this for miles': The TOWIE star told Emily that he was enjoying looking at her bottom


Time to get close: The pair cheered and hugged one another when they finally retrieved the swords

As the pair cheered and cuddled one another, Mark said: 'I just got that sword, hammered away and eventually pulled out.'

Another couple to take part in a challenge was Willie and Crissy.

The older pair finally got the chance to do Bushtucker trial and were excited yet a bit nervous.

'I feel like a lion that’s gone out and come back to feed the cubs,' Crissy said, as her and her camp mate prepared to face Mystery Box.

'I’d rather be doing this trial with Crissy because in the background you will hear laughter and that will be the spur to keep going,' Willie said.


Success: Mark and Emily were glad to be taking the chest back to camp

The pair had to enter a giant black mystery box wearing blindfolds and inside the box were a series of different animals.

In order to win the stars they had to work together to identify the animals by touching them.

As Willie entered the mystery box he asked Crissy: 'Are you coming in? We have to work together you know.'

Crissy was at first reluctant to go inside but eventually joined her team mate.

The rangers brought out the first box for them to feel but Willie was in for shock when he touched the furry animal.

'Ow it bit me,' he shouted. 'The bloody thing bit me.'

And as he continued to touch the possum, he then shrieked: 'It’s a bloody monkey!'

Crissy was hesitant to have a feel and said: 'It could be a donkey,' but Willie ignored her and guessed that it could be a koala bear.'

First time for everything: Crissy and Willie finally got the chance to do a Bushtucker trail


Mystery Box: The pair had to wear blindfolds and feel a variety of animals to win the stars

However, when Crissy did decide to have a feel she stated that koala bears do not have tails and together then guessed it was possum and therefore won their first star for camp.

The next box contained an octopus, and when Willie put his hand in he said: 'Oh they sucked me!'

When he persuaded Crissy to have a feel, she asked: 'Is it a cockle?'

Eventually they came to the decision that it was a 'large leech or a water snail,' and lost the second star.

The following rounds saw them have to put a witchetty grub in their mouths, an ostrich bought into the box and a crocodile placed in front of them.


Blindfolds off! The pair came face-to-face with an ostrich inside the mystery box

The pair finished the task having won five out of seven stars, and although they were disappointed to have lost out on two stars, they expressed their excitement at not going back to camp completely empty-handed.

They may have been feeling happy from their success and living the high life as royalty but their mood soon came crashing down when they had to spend the night in a deep dungeon.

They were called to the Bush Telegraph to try and guess who the Camp Traitors were and when they incorrectly said Fatima and Emily, they were taken to the dungeon.

'We’re wrong aren’t we? Oh god, we’re gonna be kidnapped,' said Crissy.

The pair were told that if they managed to spend the night inside then the camp would be rewarded at breakfast.

'No way, I’m not going in there, it’s pitch black dark, I’m claustrophobic, snakes, rats, cockroaches, I can’t do it,' said a worried-looking Crissy.


Feel it with your feet: The two celebrities had to stand in a box of bugs as part of the challenge


We did it: Willie and Crissy looked pleased as they guessed correctly that there was a possum in the box

She eventually entered the dungeon and joined Willie, saying: 'No fags, no water and I’ve got a T-shirt on.'

But when the pair emerged from the dungeon early and discovered that Antony and Dougie were the real traitors, they were really angry and said they were happy that the group wouldn't be getting a nice breakfast.

But before all of that, the traitors had been set their third and final mission  - and this was the one that got the camp really wondering who was up to mischief.

They were told that they had to put the camp fire out and hide the group's luxury items, but as they did so they had to point the blame at someone else.

They made their way straight to the camp fire and emptied the water kettle on it so that it went out.


The traitors: Dougie and Antony were successful in carrying out their missions in which they hid the group's towels and luxury items

Willie later noticed that the fire had nearly gone out and commented on it which prompted Antony to quickly blame Fatima.

'It’s Fatima, she put too much water in the kettle and the water boiled over,' he said.

Later on the camp were discussing the various personal items that had gone missing, and Dougie

asked everyone to check under their hammocks.

'Hey guys, everyone’s stuff is in my bag, headband, gel, etc, who is doing this?' said Emily.

Fatima was quick to comment, saying: 'That’s out of order.'

Mark was convinced that it was Dougie who was playing a game on them, but the rest of the group defended the McFly star.

'Why would Dougie do it, it doesn’t make sense,' said Antony, defending his fellow traitor.


Sneaky: The McFly star managed to convince the group that there was no way he could be the traitor

'I know it’s the second thing that looks like me but I promise it’s not,' added a worried Emily.

The camp mates then began to wonder if she was in fact guilty.

Mark then ended up holding the blame but defended himself, saying: 'It’s ridiculous to even blame me when I’ve been away doing the chest.'

But things were about to get a lot worse for Mark as his bromance with Antony came to an abrupt end.

Antony snapped at Mark over him not pulling his weight on filling the water bag, but Mark defended himself quickly saying: 'My job is the fire and the water, when I feel the fire needs water and it has completely gone out that's when you can say something to me.

This then led to Antony walking off and mumbling to himself: 'Mark will learn his own way and that’s the best way.'

Later on that evening Mark talked to Dougie about his water bag incident and argument with Antony.


Kiss and make up: The TOWIE star wasn't happy to be arguing with Antony and wanted to resolve things

'I am a little bit stressed tonight yeah f***** off with Antony really,' Mark told him.

'I got so close to him… and I am so close to him, he is like my big brother but he shouts at me. I feel like I can't do anything right around him just a bit scared now,' he added.

Mark then decided to approach Antony again and tell him that he didn't like him snapping at him, but this angered the Coronation Street star further.

'What a big fuss and nonsense over nothing,' he said.

'I don't want a fuss,' Mark replied. 'I like you and you know that don't you?  We've got a good relationship, I didn't wanna hold it in.


End of the bromance: Mark had a small argument with Antony about his constant 'snapping'

'I do listen to you and, I look up to you a lot, you're such an intelligent guy.'

But the atmosphere was soon better as the group received presents from their loved ones due to Antony and Dougie successfully completing the traitor challenges.

Antony received a picture of his friends and family around the pool at the Versace Hotel in Australia along with a bottle of his favourite aftershave and a packet of jelly snakes.


Luxury love: Mark received some of his favourite toiletries and a photograph of his family

Dougie received a photo of his band mate Harry Judd, pirate hand puppets and some Oreo biscuits, whilst Mark also received a picture of his family, some toiletries and cookies. 

Emily received a picture of her puppies, and some toiletries and chocolate. 

Fatima was very emotional as she opened her gift which was a photo of her son.

'He’s changed; he’s pictured with Stefanie and Sinitta and looks really happy, she said.


Emotional: Fatima was really upset when she received her present which was a photograph of her son

Mark also seemed quite emotional as his bromance with Dougie reached a whole new level and the pair of them began planning dates with one another once back in the UK.

'We'll roam the streets of London, we’ll buy a Christmas album, come shopping with me for family and friends, and I’ll help you do Lara,' Mark told his new best friend.

'We'll go for mulled wine and see a Christmas film.'

Dougie was also very excited by the idea and said he couldn’t wait for the date.

Mark later said to him: 'I'd be upset if I lost contact with you, it’s not just in here, I get on with you in every way we’re the same age, I'd love to go out and continue being your good friend.'


Setting a date: Dougie and Mark decided that they will go Christmas shopping together and remain friends when the show finishes

'Oh sweet, we are definitely going to do loads of hanging when we get out. For some reason we get on,' Dougie replied.

But perhaps there's a new bromance to be had in camp as tomorrow night the group will be joined by former I'm A Celebrity contestant, Peter Andre.

The celebrities are going to be given a laminate announcing a day of treats, but in order to win their first treat they must all get up and dance in the style of music played into camp.

Some of the songs they will have to dance to will include Abba's Dancing Queen, Peter's Mysterious Girl, and Cotton Eye Joe.

At the end of their dancing, a large box will enter camp and inside it will be the pop star.

Peter will then spend the whole day in camp and his first mission will be to inform the celebrities that they have to come up with a new jungle song.

The group will be given instruments including bongos, tambourines, and a guitar and will have one hour to compose an original song and perform it to Peter to receive another treat.

After the possibility of enjoying another treat with Peter, the group will wave goodbye to him as he leaves the camp for good.


I'm back: When Peter Andre first returned to the jungle he was told by presenter Joe Swash that he would be taking part in a trial


'Not right for each other': Mark's mother Carol revealed that she thinks Mark is better suited to Emily than his ex-girlfriend Lauren Goodger

But it seems that Mark's mother is less interested in his bromance and more preoccupied with his blossoming romance - that has just come to an abrupt end.

According to new! magazine, Carol Wright has revealed that she thinks her son is better suited to the Australian rather than his ex-girlfriend, Lauren Goodger.

When asked by the weekly magazine if she thought Essex girl, Lauren, was feeling put out after she said Mark would get bored of Emily, Carol answered: 'Probably. That's what she's like.'

'Mark and Lauren are not right for each other,' she added.

'This experience will wither make him want to go back with her or he'll realise he wants a break.'

She also revealed that she would be more than happy for her son to date an Australian.

'He can marry an Australian, but she's got to come and live at home!' she said.

'Emily would enjoy herself in Essex. I wouldn't mind seeing her there.

'She's a DJ, so she could play in a few of the clubs.'

Mark's camp mate Dougie also has a feeling that things might progress between the TV star and Emily and was enjoying some boy talk with him about it.

'I bet when we get out something will happen,' he told Mark. 'That would be epic.'

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