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Day 61: Daily Update

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    Posted: 09 Nov 2011 at 23:39
Day 61

In three days time either Aaron, Alex, Jay, Louise or Tom will be crowned winner of Big Brother 2011.

Aaron and Jay had a fall out two days ago, when Jay and Louise each spent £500 of their winnings on birthday presents for Alex and Tom.

In the garden, Jay and Aaron are at the smoking area, and not speaking. After a short while Jay breaks the silence. “Do you really want the last few days to be like this?” Aaron says that he doesn’t but says that he has lost “all respect for you and Louise.” He claims that they were “sly” for going behind his back. Aaron says that Jay and Louise would feel slighted if he had gone ahead and bought the presents without consulting them. Jay tells Aaron that his moods create an “atmosphere” in the house. “I was on the verge of leaving, to say that we did it for the cameras and fame and glory...!” Aaron claims that because Jay apologised and the fact that Louise repeatedly told Alex and Tom how much the gifts cost, it made the situation worse. Jay tells him that the cost was irrelevant and says he would have got the gifts from the “ Argos catalogue,” if that had been an option. Jay fails to get through to Aaron and remarks: “At least I tried; there is nothing more I can say to you.” Jay leaves the garden and goes into the house.

Alex, Louise and Tom are on the sofas. Jay joins them and relays the conversation he just had outside with Aaron. “He says he’s not going to speak to me and Louise,” he starts and tells them that Aaron branded them as sly.

Aaron walks into the living area and Jay invites him to join the discussion. Jay tells Aaron that he can also be called to question over the Halloween nominations. Louise asks Aaron why he suddenly stopped talking to her two weeks ago but Aaron denies that he did. “You’re paranoid for saying (buying the presents) I did it to look good,” Jay rants. “It’s my opinion, let’s finish the show and go our separate ways,” Aaron remarks as Jay gets more irate. “You are a 30 year old child. You treated Faye like s**t and she had to apologies to you. Your strops would make up three weeks of the show. Aaron tells Jay that he doesn’t need the “character assassination,” and Jay asks him if he think his “huffs are normal for a 30 year old man?!” Jay tells him that people always come and apologise to Aaron, “Never you to them.” He asks Aaron how “buying someone a present is so wrong?” but Aaron doesn’t respond. “I’m sorry this hasn’t lived up to your expectations ‘cos you’ve done nothing except whinge the whole time.” Aaron mumbles his response and Jay tells him “I’m gonna follow you about and do your f***king head in. I’m not gonna enjoy my last three days here, do I look like I’m having a good time, obviously you’re not?”

The rest of the housemates sit in awkward silence. Jay continues and tells Aaron: “I’ve offered to make you breakfast, I’ve rubbed your back when you’ve been upset and you’ve thrown it back in my face.” Jay heads to the smoking area. “I have exorcised my demons,” he sighs.
Big Brother has organised a pampering session for the final five housemates as later in the house there will be a photo shoot taking place in the house.
The boys are called to the special bedroom which has been turned into a treatment room and is greeted by a barber and beauty therapists. Tom is first into the barber’s chair. “I’d like a blue rinse, a perm and set it in rollers,” he jokes. Aaron is on the treatment table and is about to be waxed.  He tells the therapist that he has been waxed before and tells her to “Just do the whole hog.”

Alex and Louise are on the sofa. Louise tells her: “Me and Jay have decided not to go on about the situation with Aaron, we’re just gonna enjoy our last few days.”

In the treatment room, Jay watches while Aaron’s “intimate” waxing gets underway. “I’m glad I haven’t got pubes like that,” he quips. Aaron screams in pain. Louise and Alex stand giggling at the door trying to catch a glimpse of Aaron.
Alex asks Louise what Aaron had done and Louise tells her it was his “ball sack.” “What, threaded?!” asks Alex in shock.

The girls are next to be pampered. Louise opts to get her underarms threaded, whilst Ales chooses her eyebrows.

It’s been 2 hours and 5 minutes since Jay confronted Aaron. They are both at the smoking area; “How’s your d**k?” Jay enquires. “Sore,” Aaron replies and turns to inspect it. “I’m sorry if I went on in the house,” Jay tells him. He tells Aaron that the situation “really upset me,” and says that he didn’t mean to offend Aaron, “I wish I could take it back.” Aaron nods but isn’t forthcoming. He gets up and rubs his groin, “It’s quite tender, it’s bleeding a little bit.” “Put some cream on it,” Jay advises.

Alex and Tom are in the bedroom having a quiet chat. “How awkward was that earlier?” Tom asks referring to Jay’s rant. He tells Alex that he thought about making a comment at the time “but it wasn’t my argument.” “If that’s how he (Jay) feels, that’s how he feels,” Alex ends.

Jay has come to the diary room. He tells Big Brother “I’ve been the bigger man, I’ve apologised.” He admits that silences make him “frustrated,” and says that he is willing to say sorry “to make life in here easier.” He tells Big Brother that he hopes that Aaron can now see how his actions affect people.

It’s the next stage of the Big Brother pampering session. Celebrity hairdresser Lee Stafford has come to the house to give the housemates a fabulous new look. Later in the diary room Lee comments on some of the housemates. He mentions that Aaron had previously had his hair cut by “Jay, a builder who did a barbers course, so it’s not the best.” Lee on Alex: “She has no hair. She needs to lay off the bleach!” At the end of the restyling session Lee is pleased “They all look great,” he beams.

Jay is waiting at the diary room door. Louise shows him her new hairstyle complete with fringe and asks him if he likes it. “It’s canny, do you like it?” he replies. Louise says that she loves it.

Housemates make their way to the living area to take part in their glamorous magazine photo shoot. Housemates enjoy playing up to the cameras. Later in the diary room, housemates reveal all to Big Brother. “I felt uncomfortable, it’s not very me,” Aaron admits. Alex says: “I loved it, I didn’t know how to stand, I just enjoyed it.” Tom also mentions how much fun he found it. “This is the final five of Big Brother and to be part of it… It’s lifted everyone’s moods and bought us a bit closer together.” Alex beams.

Alex and Tom are on the sofas. Tom looks at Alex and remarks: “I’m not pissed, I’m just telling you, you look quite nice,” adding: “From the face up!” Tom tells Alex that he thinks she looks good “all the time,” and they both smile.

Big Brother has called all the housemates in turn into the diary room to answer online questions from viewers. Questions range from ‘Which housemate has the best bum’ to ‘How much did all your tattoos cost (for Jay).’  After the session Tom tells housemates that the questions were awful “there was no imagination.”

Aaron and Tom are talking in the kitchen. “That girl loves you in there,” Aaron announces and Tom asks, “Which one?” Aaron asks him how many are in there, “One’s mainly concerned with her fringe and eating, the other is obsessed with you,” he quips. Aaron says that although they pretend to be friends, “There are seeds in her head that makes her think she would love to be your girlfriend.” Aaron tells Tom that Alex is “obsessed” with him. “You’re Dappy and Justin Beiber rolled into one,” he remarks. Tom dismisses Aaron’s claims and says that obsessed is a strong word. Aaron implies that Tom and Alex seem to get closer when they’ve had a drink. “I couldn’t, I wouldn’t want to ruin our friendship,” Tom confesses.
“I think she feels like she’s found her soul mate. Do you think she has ever found somebody who accepts her as much as you? She is over the moon,” Aaron ends.

Alex and Tom are hugging in bed. He looks into her eyes as she strokes his face.

Aaron and Jay are talking in the garden. Jay tells him: "We react in different ways, but the same way in certain things.” Jay adds that Aaron’s only “downfall” is how he reacts in certain situations. “The amount of times that you’ve went in moods with people, I’ll bet you that 9,500 grand that there is a logical explanation about it.” He tells Aaron that he is a “likeable person” and “not a bad kid.” He says that the way Aaron can act “drives people insane.” Jay jokes, “At times I feel like I’m seeing you and not Lou – the fallouts we have.”

Aaron tells him that in terms of winning, “I think that we’re cancelling each other out in the process.” He adds: “In some ways I think that’s good because if Alex wins I’ll be ecstatic. I would put myself forward first, I’d love to win the show but I think Louise and myself are the weaklings and I think its either going to be you, Tom or Alex. If I had to bet I’d say you and Tom.”

Jay admits: “After all the s**t that’s happened I still always say in the diary room that I think you’ve won it.”
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