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Day 54 : Daily Update

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    Posted: 03 Nov 2011 at 08:21
Day 54


There are 10 days left in the Big brother house and the tension is brewing. Most of the housemates are in bed. Tom is half asleep on the sofa and fails to answer Aaron when he offers him a cup of tea. In the bedroom Louise tells Jay: “I worry about how much I worry.” Jay tells her to relax adding: “Chill out, go back to sleep and wake up on Friday.” Louise confesses that she worries too much because she cares about people. In the living area, Aaron gives Tom a cup of tea but is met with silence. “Crikey!” Aaron mutters as Tom stirs and claims that he said “Ta,” as a form of thanks. They bicker awkwardly for a few minutes and Aaron goes into the bedroom and complains to Faye about Tom’s “bad mood.”


Faye has a big revelation while in bed with Aaron. “My name’s not actually Faye,” she tells him. Aaron asks her why she isn’t using her real name and Faye reveals that she wanted to be known by a different name while in the house. She claims that her name is Frances, then Anthea and finally, Chloe. Aaron laughs and realises that Faye is lying. “I wanted you to believe me,” she giggles.

Jay is slightly perplexed in the diary room. He tells Big Brother that Faye and Aaron’s on/off relationship is “weird” and “crazy,” referring to Aaron’s silent treatment yesterday. “I’d hate all that carry on, in the real world it wouldn’t work,” he says adding: “I wouldn’t put up with that crap.” In the bedroom, Aaron tells Faye that he plans to romance Faye, “I’m going to ask Jay to make me something,” he jokes and the two share a kiss.


Aaron makes a stab at being romantic. He and Faye share a hug by the sofas but Aaron fails to engage his arms as Faye clings on. “I’m gonna trust you,” Aaron jokes as Jay watches on. Aaron leaves in the living area and Jay tells Faye that he and Aaron have a “strange relationship.” “You fall out every f***king day,” and asks Faye if she has ever been in a similar relationship. She says that she hasn’t and admits that the relationship can be quite “annoying.” Jay tells her that he would rather have a “huge fight” than be given the “silent treatment.” “It does work for him though, he’ll hold out longer” than other housemates.


Louise think there is an unwelcome visitor in the house after hearing a series of squeaks. “I think I can hear a mouse,” she tells Tom. Tom is unconvinced then Faye jumps up from behind the sofa and shouts: “It was me!” Louise tells her she knows and the two girls jump around each other giggling.

Yesterday Aaron complained about the lack of intelligent conversation in the house. Jay is flexing his mental muscles while in the sauna with Aaron. They engage each other by talking about the Hadron Collider, the Big Bang and the gravitational pull of the sun while getting their sweat on.


Tom is in the diary room talking about Aaron. He tells Big Brother that it has become an “effort,” to talk to Aaron. “We have a weird friendship,” he claims and states that Aaron would probably deem him as “a bit of a knob.”

In the kitchen, Aaron and Alex are making a cake. Aaron advises Alex against leave the piece of egg shell she cracked into the mixture, as well as placing a plastic jug on the hob. Jay is watching Alex’s culinary attempts and asks her: “Does your mum leave you in the house on your own?” “She locks the kitchen first,” Aaron jokes.


Louise has a lot on her mind in the diary room. She confesses that she is thinking a lot about Friday. “I suppose it’s normal,” she adds and tells Big Brother that it’s all new to her having never been up for eviction. “I don’t know what people think of me, they might bloody hate me,” she laughs. Faye is in the garden with Alex, she also has Friday on her mind. Faye tells Alex that if she is evicted this week: “I will sing your praises to everyone.” Alex smiles as Faye continues: “You’re a really lovely girl, your mum’s gonna be so proud of you.” The both agree that the Big Brother experience has been “priceless.”


Alex’s cake has been in the oven for 1 hour and 47 minutes. She takes it out and immediately spreads icing over it. The icing begins to melt and Aaron tells her that she should have waited until the cake had cooled. “It’s ok, it’s given it a nice glaze,” Alex beams. Jay looks on adding: “That looks like I’ve took a s**t on it,” and Tom says that the cake is burnt. Alex proudly serves up slices of her creation. “I’m not gonna lie, its f**king horrible,” Jay comments.

Housemates have been a task to pull at the heartstrings. For today’s task, housemates will be performing three very different love stories. Aaron & Alex will tell Louise & Jay’s love story in the style of Musical Theatre; Faye & Jay will tell Alex & Tom’s love story in the style of a Rap and Louise & Tom will tell Aaron & Faye’s love story in the style of a Soap Opera. Big Brother has provided housemates with a props box full of things to help them portray their stories of love. Housemates go off to practise in their pairs.


Following a lengthy rehearsal housemates are ready to perform. Aaron and Alex aka Jay & Louise are up first. “On my God she’s so pretty, I would like to squeeze her titties,” Aaron recites, playing the part of Jay.

Faye and Jay aka Alex & Tom are next to perform and finally Louise and Tom aka Aaron & Faye. “No one escapes the clutches of Aslan,” Tom jokes, doing his impression of Aaron. Aaron begins to look unsure of the unfolding drama while other housemates are obviously amused. During the course of the performance Tom’s lines include: “I’m not gonna talk to you for three days,” and “Roses are red, violets are blue, I spread Maisy, now I’ll spread you.” Aaron is clearly annoyed, especially as Louise, pretending to Maisy says “I’m not old enough to get married.” As the soap opera ends Tom announces: “Will they stay together – you decide?’


Faye is in the bedroom trying to work out why Aaron is upset. He tells her that Tom was trying “to wind me up,” and mentions the ‘marriage’ comment. “I think he was insinuating I’m a paedophile,” he worries and Faye reassures him that everyone approached the task in a fun way. “Tom didn’t try and get to bed with Alex either, it’s supposed to be a laugh,” she tells him referring to Faye and Jay’s rap.

In the bedroom, Louise notices Aaron’s mood and worries that she’s upset him. She tries to reassure him that their act was a joke, saying “We didn’t mean anything by it”. After Louise has left, Aaron quizzes Faye about her outfit asks if she will be wearing it to the Love Party. Faye says yes then seems irritated and announces, “I’m not wearing this”” before storming off to the wardrobe while claiming that Aaron had criticised her outfit. Aaron tries to explain that he didn’t have a problem with her clothes when Faye suddenly announces: “I was joking Aaron.” She is then clearly annoyed and claims that Aaron is moaning at her for making a joke. Faye backtracks and says that she was unsure about her outfit anyway but now doesn’t want to speak to Aaron, “You’ve ruin another nice night,” she bemoans.

Jay and Louise are in the living room talking about the forthcoming eviction.
“I’ve been waking up feeling weird,” she muses. Jay reassures Louise and tells her that her feelings are perfectly natural. “It’s not leaving the house, it’s the walking out there,” he says while pointing towards the main doors. Louise asks Jay if he will walk up the stairs with her should she be evicted but Jay reminds her of the house rules.

Faye is having a heart to heart with Aaron in the bedroom. “I think we should call it a day and just be best friends,” she says and claims that their arguments are ruining what could be her final days in the house.  Aaron tells her that they haven’t been arguing but Faye is adamant. “I’m falling in love with you,” she admits and Aaron tells her to stop worrying. Faye tells him that he keeps upsetting her “I feel like s**t,” she says but Aaron states that they are both at fault. “I can’t think of the last time I did something wrong,” Faye claims.

In the kitchen Jay tells Louise “I don’t agree with what Aaron said to Faye,” and refers to Aaron’s alleged comment about Faye’s outfit. Jay says that he would prefer to tell a little white lie and say that his girlfriend looks fine even when she might not: “It makes my life easier,” he adds.

Aaron is getting ready for the party in the bedroom. He picks up a white shirt and Faye asks him if it’s his. Both Tom and Faye seem surprised when Aaron says that it’s his: “It’s actually nice,” they agree.

After passing the love story task the housemates have been enjoying the food at their romantic party. When the slow dancing songs begin Faye quickly leaves the room. Aaron follows her to the kitchen desperate to slow dance announcing: “This is Gary Barlow!” as Take That’s A Million Love Songs plays through the house. “Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve heard some decent music?” he pleads. He tries to dance with her and Faye is reluctant before finally giving in. They slow dance in the living room and Faye announces, “Awkward again” while remembering their first date together. All of the other housemates are dancing in the party room.

It’s been three hours since the Love Party started. Alex and Tom are cosying up on the sofa. They excitedly discuss their plans to go to visit a Disney complex together after they leave the show. Jay and Louise have called it a night and are talking in bed. He mentions that he “hates” when Louise sits on the opposite side of the sofa to him rather than next to him. “I thought you wanted your own space,” she confesses and tells him: “I want to be near you all the time.”

Faye is alone in the party room feeling creative. Aaron walks in and wonders what she’s been doing. Faye shows him her efforts on a plate and admits that she meant to write “Faye 4 Aaron” with chocolate sauce. “It’s meant to be romantic and tasty,” she says and they begin to kiss with Faye pressed against the wall. Faye stops then tells Aaron “I don’t like people watching us kiss,” she smiles and points to the nearby camera. Aaron suggests they go under the table and Faye quickly says no, “People will go did they or didn’t they…” Aaron kisses her again while putting out his hand in an attempt to block the camera.

At the sofa, Alex giggles while staring at Tom’s crutch. He explains “I can’t help my willy being there, my jeans are too tight!”  The conversation shifts to the end of their time in the house and they both agree that they don’t want to leave. “I would give the money away if it meant I could stay for another 60 days,” Tom muses. “I’m gonna miss living here,” he adds.

Jay and Louise are in bed.

Faye and Aaron are kissing in the party room.

Tom kisses Alex head as they sit on the sofas contemplating the end of their Big Brother experience.

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