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Day 52 : Daily Update

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    Posted: 31 Oct 2011 at 22:11
Day 52

This morning, housemates wake up in Halloween spirits. Faye is boiling eggs for Jay in the kitchen. In the diary room, Louise is telling Big Brother how she feels about the approaching finale. “I think everyone is excited and nervous. There’s mixed emotions,” she says. She thinks that all of the housemates left in the house deserve to win the show and is excited to see if she is liked in the “big world.” When Big Brother asks her how she would spend the £100,000 prize if she won, she tells Big Brother that this question makes her feel emotional and then says, “I could help my family so much.” Counting up the amount that she would keep for herself, she says “I’d probably keep 10 [thousand] of it.” In the living area, Faye gives Jay his boiled eggs. Jay cracks one onto his plate and complains to Faye that the egg isn’t cooked properly. Faye walks away.

In the diary room, Alex is telling Big Brother about being excited. “I just feel like sometimes if I don’t feel serious, people might think there’s something wrong and there isn’t,” she says. She says that sometimes, she gets so excited at still being in the house that she has to suppress her outbursts.

In the bedroom, Faye and Jay are discussing nominations, which they believe will happen on Monday. Faye tells Jay that she feels close to everyone in the house and will struggle to nominate this week: “I feel like I’m good friends with everyone in here,” she says.

Big Brother has called housemates to collect their Halloween costumes from the store room. Faye looks in her costume box and notices something: “Shock pads!” she exclaims. In the bedroom, housemates are getting into character by applying face paint. Aaron is dressed as a devil, Alex as a pumpkin, Faye as a vampire, Jay as Frankenstein, Louise as a witch and Tom as a devil. “Ah no, I’ve got to wear a pumpkin on my head,” says Alex whilst looking at her reflection. “I’ve always wanted to be a witch!” Louise says. Alex continues to study her face (which is painted orange) in the mirror: “My make up doesn’t look any different!” she jokes. Aaron suggests that the pair can save the orange face paint to use as fake tan.

In the garden, housemates are sitting on “electric chairs” ready for what they think is a task. Big Brother’s assistant, Igor, is introduced to the housemates and Big Brother explains that housemates will now complete this week’s nominations, in front of their fellow housemates. “I’m shaking,” Faye tells the group and all others look shocked. Housemates hatch a plan which would result in them all being up for nomination. They suggest that if they all nominate the two housemates to their left, then all six of them will receive two nominations each and will all face the public vote. Housemates agree that this is a good plan and decide to all follow it through so that they all face eviction together.

Aaron decides to nominate first and nominates Louise. Igor administers Louise an electric shock and she jumps from her chair, laughing. Next, Aaron nominates Faye, reiterating that housemates should all nominate the two housemates to their left to ensure they are all up. Big Brother decides that housemates are planning on nominating tactically and says that Aaron’s nominations are therefore null and void. Louise is next to nominate and nominates Faye and Tom, deciding to stick to the plan.

Big Brother’s assistant, Igor, is told to shuffle housemates seating places up. Nominations recommence and housemates are all given an electric shock. As housemates jump from their seats, Jay doesn’t flinch, telling everyone to “sit down and relax.” Tom nominates and is followed by Faye who nominates Alex and Louise because she said she “looked like Lady Sovereign and didn’t look good as a chipmunk.” Housemates try to keep a straight face. Alex continues nominations and chooses Jay and Faye. Jay is next and nominates Aaron and Faye.

As nominations were re-started earlier, Aaron has to nominate again and nominates Louise. As he nominates her, housemates realise that he has gone against the plan and has given Louise an extra nomination that will now mean she faces eviction. Faye looks at him, confused and all housemates are visibly trying to work out the votes. Aaron continues to nominate Tom. Louise is the final housemate to nominate and nominates Aaron for his “strops.” She then nominates Faye, meaning she will also face the public vote. Both Louise and Faye received the most nominations and both face eviction on Friday.

Housemates are still shocked after their nominations plan backfired. Louise walks into the kitchen and tells Jay that Aaron messed up the voting system: “he gave me the third vote” she says. Faye walks past Jay and Louise in silence. Aaron tells Alex and Tom that he needs to go into the diary room to explain his decision. He tells Alex that she didn’t deserve to be up for eviction and that he messed up the nominations on purpose. In the bathroom, Jay asks Aaron if he did it on purpose and then goes out into the garden to have a cigarette.

In the bedroom, Aaron tells Faye that he is “very confident [she] will be saved.” Faye tells him that she doesn’t want to talk about it. In the garden, Jay hugs Louise, telling her that she “will be loved.” They are soon joined by Alex and Tom and the four of them talk about how Aaron messed up the voting plan. “It was working out until Aaron did his nomination,” Tom says. Jay tells that group that “whatever will be, will be but it will be better to have everyone up.” Later on in the garden, Jay, Louise and Aaron are talking. “I didn’t want Alex to be up,” Aaron tells the pair and Louise agrees, saying “I’d rather sacrifice myself.” In the living area, housemates continue to talk about Louise’s decision to “sacrifice herself” and Tom tells Alex that “what Louise did was very courageous and nice.” Louise hugs Alex and Tom, saying “I didn’t wanna pick ya.”

Aaron is talking to Alex on the sofas. He tells her that he voted for who he wanted to vote for, telling her that he has “been true” to himself. He also tells her that “individual nominations wouldn’t have changed things.” In the diary room, Louise is emotional and tells Big Brother that the nominations plan backfired and that they were all supposed to be put up together. She tells Big Brother that she couldn’t have nominated Tom, Jay or Alex. “Would they have done it for me, I don’t know. I don’t think they would,” she says. “Would you have done it for a hundred grand?” she asks Big Brother.

Tom and Alex are in the bedroom, talking about the result of the nominations. Tom says that he isn’t going to speak to Aaron anymore after he nominated him. Tom tells Alex that Aaron had always told him he wanted to see Tom in the final. Aaron is explaining his nominations thought process in the diary room. He tells Big Brother that he didn’t like the idea of voting being out of his hands. “My principals are too important to me.”

Alex and Tom are playing bobbing apple in the living area. In the bedroom, Aaron and Faye are talking about today’s events. Faye says that she is disappointed with Aaron’s behaviour in the nominations process because she thought they were all supposed to be working as a team. “I felt that you were trying to take it into your own hands,” she tells him. Aaron explains that he wanted to save Alex and didn’t want her to face the public vote. He tells Faye that if he had a “safe pass” to the final, he would give it to Alex over anyone else. Faye looks disappointed and says that she would put him above anyone else in the house. She tells him: “I feel really let down by you, big time” and walks out of the room.

Aaron is in bed. Jay and Louise are cuddling and are telling each other how much they like each other. Jay tells her that he is there if she needs him for anything and he says “I like you lots and lots.” “So much,” Louise replies.

In the living area, Tom, Faye and Alex are going over the nominations. Faye tells the pair that she feels “gutted” with what has happened and explains to them what Aaron said about saving Alex over her. Both Tom and Alex are shocked and gasp. “If she did that to me, I’d be heartbroken,” Tom says. He says that Aaron “has no loyalty” and Faye tells them that she feels “in a weird place.” They continue to think about the nominations and Tom says, “Well he’s in the final isn’t he.”
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