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Day 50 Daily update

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    Posted: 29 Oct 2011 at 22:14

Day 50

9:48 am

Housemates wake up to a big surprise, there is £100, 000 framed up on the wall in the living area – this is the winner’s prize.


All the housemates start discussing if the money is real or not and Tom climbs up on a couch so he can get a better look at the cash. Aaron is speaking to Faye in the kitchen and says “It’s weird to think that one of us will win it” Faye says “It’s weird that someone is going to have that money” All the housemates individually go to the diary room to speak to Big Brother to discuss their feelings on winning that money. Alex says that seeing the money on the wall makes you remember that actually this is a game show. Tom tells Big Brother that seeing it there makes it very real, adding that he hopes whoever wins spends the money wisely and it changes their life.


11:28 am

Jay and Aaron are in the garden discussing the money Jay says it would change his life dramatically if he won it.


Faye, Alex and Tom are in the bedroom discussing their dreams they had last night.

Tom says he dreamt that he was evicted from the house and that the other housemates were able to vote him back in but nobody did and it really upset him. Faye says she dreamt about Tom and Alex kissing and didn’t know if it was real or fake.


A montage cuts to Alex and Tom kissing in bed the previous nights.


Alex and Tom do not answer and Tom goes out to the living area. Alex and Faye continue chatting in the bedroom Faye says to Alex that she thinks that Tom likes her. Alex says “No, it isn’t like that at all”. Faye says she thinks that Alex and Tom could have a relationship and says “Can you imagine your children with Tom?” Alex says she couldn’t do that with Tom.



Louise is in the diary room telling Big Brother what she likes about Jay.

Louise says she is so comfortable that she can do anything in front of him and didn’t mind him wiping his bum on her pillows and she thought it was romantic.


Aaron and Harry are in the kitchen and are discussing Louise and Jay’s relationship. Aaron asks Harry if he saw what Jay did the previous evening.


Montage cuts to Jay in the bedroom stripping off naked and wiping himself on Louise’s pillow and Louise just laughs. Big Brother calls one Housemate to the Diary Room. Aaron comes and Big Brother asks him to return the soiled pillowcases to Big Brother.


Aaron says to Harry that Louise said to Jay that she thought it was sweet. Aaron adds “The fact that she thought it was so sweet, I thought what has the world come to when romance is shitting in someone’s bed?” Adding, “What worries me is that to call that sweet is a warped way of looking at it”. Harry says he wants to speak to Louise’s parents and tell them to educate their daughter to not go out with boys that shit in the bed.

Jay comes in to the kitchen and Aaron tells him that they were just talking about him shitting in people’s beds and that he is such a romantic.


Harry and Alex are having a conversation in the bathroom about art. Alex says she is good at drawing, Harry asks Alex if she has ever heard of the artist Lowry, she say’s she hasn’t but that she has heard of “Van Dyke” Harry then asks her if she means Van Gough. Harry asks Alex who she thinks will be going in the eviction and Alex say’s that she really doesn’t know. Harry say’s “Alex you are so different from me yet so similar” adding “who ever would of thought that we would of ended up being such good friends” Alex tells Harry that he is like the Queen, Harry disagrees.


3:10 pm

All the housemates are in the living area and are discussing their worst fashion mistakes that they have ever made. Aaron says that after he watched a male pop star wearing a long silver dress on a music video he thought he could pull off a similar look and brought one.

He added that he then wore this dress to a girlfriend’s parent’s party and that the girl was so embarrassed she dumped him and didn’t speak to him again until he saw her a few years later. Aaron adds that he ended up staying at her house for 3 days even though he had a girlfriend at the time and ended up getting together with this girl’s sister. Faye says “You had a girlfriend” and looks annoyed. Jay says to Faye “Why do you look so shocked, do you think he’s squeaky clean? Let’s get real, men are men simple as.” Jay then adds “give him a break” Tom says to Faye “I don’t think you need to worry about him getting with Jem, there is no worry there!”


5:22 pm

Housemates are on the sofas in the living area and Big Brother asks for a housemate that is not up for nomination this week to come to the diary room, Louise goes to the diary room. Louise then appears on screen in front of the other housemates.

Big Brother tells Louise that they will be testing her knowledge on the other housemates’ attitudes to money and that if she answers 4 out of 7 questions correctly she will win food and drink for them that evening. The questions she is asked are as follows:

Which housemate spent £55,000 on a car- Louise answers incorrectly and says that the answer is Aaron. The answer was Jay.

Which housemate claims that they would sleep with someone for £500k, Louise answers incorrectly and chooses Tom. The answer was Faye.

Which housemate bet £6oo on Rydian to win the Xfactor, Louise says it was Aaron and she is correct.

Which Housemate claims that the most expensive thing they have ever brought was a leather jacket, Louise guesses it was Tom and is correct.

Which housemate said that the most expensive thing they ever purchased was their 4 front teeth, Louise tells Big Brother that it was her.

Which housemate was paid £2 a week to clean poo, Louise answers correctly and says that it was Harry.

Which housemate short-changed a blind woman in order to buy her own sandwich, Louise answers Jay and is wrong as the answer is Alex.

When the other housemates learn that Alex had done this they are all shocked, Tom says to Alex “What kind of moral compass do you have?”

Big Brother tells Louise that she has succeeded and has therefore won drinks and treats for the other housemates.


Louise goes back out to the living area where Alex is talking about the blind woman and says “she was really rude” Jay tells Louise “well done, but I am not happy that you think that I am the criminal” Louise apologises and hugs Jay. Jay adds “you should have known that it wasn’t me” Jay is in the garden talking to Aaron and says in reference to Alex short changing a blind woman “Can you believe that” Tom is in the living area and says the story about Alex is the funniest thing adding “It’s not funny really, but it’s funny because its Alex



It is less than three hours until the eviction and Louise cannot decide what to wear.

Aaron and Jay are smoking in the garden.  Jay says that he feels that this is a bigger night to go than next week. Aaron feels that this is the biggest eviction so far. Jay tells Aaron that he really wants him to make the final. Aaron and Jay then hug.



The housemates are all gathered on the sofas waiting for the result of the eviction. As their respective names are called we cut to a montage of each nominated housemate in the diary room. Aaron tells Big Brother that he feels he has “sucked up every opportunity and ride in the house and lived it” adding that he couldn’t be happier. Jay says that he feels like it’s his time and will be really surprised if he didn’t go. Faye tells Big Brother that she feels very happy in the house and that she likes the surroundings adding “I just really like it here” Harry tells Big Brother that he is genuinely incredibly grateful that he was given the experience, adding “I never take it for granted when I get on the outside”


Host Brian Dowling announces that Harry is evicted from the house, the other housemates are shocked and a montage of Harry is shown with him stating that he will really miss the experience adding “I wouldn’t have changed it for anything” Harry adds that his favourite moments he will remember include ordering 500 bananas, sitting in the cold and wet dressed as a chicken eating popcorn. Harry then tells Big Brother that it has been “ a fantastic experience and he will be missing the house like crazy” Harry adds “You know as soon as its gone its gone, and you can never come back- it’s just a game show, it’s just life”



Faye is feeling down and talking to Aaron outside the diary room.

She says that she feels guilty that Harry was evicted instead of her and feels everyone hates her on the outside. Aaron says she is being paranoid, Faye tells Aaron that she feels everyone doesn’t like her on the outside and that she heard boos when her name was mentioned. Aaron tells Faye that he got boos as well and that he reckons when Jay is up for eviction that the studio gets “flooded with people from Newcastle” as all his friends come down and that is why when Jay’s name is called he always gets a positive reaction from the crowd. Faye says “do you think people hate me?” adding “What have I done to deserve the boos”


Alex and Tom are in the bedroom talking about Harry leaving the house. Tom says “I can’t believe Harry came last” adding “maybe people thought he was safe and didn’t bother picking up the phone as they thought he was fine” Tom says he has lost his only boy mate in house adding “I don’t spend time with Jay and Aaron as they just go out in the garden to smoke” Alex tells Tom that she really liked Harry. Tom tells Alex “we are lucky that we have each other, it’s weird now that it’s all couples”. Alex says “we were best friends from the starts though” Alex hugs Tom as he is noticeably upset.


Louise and Jay are in the garden drinking, Jay starts farting and burping and Louise keeps laughing at his actions.




Faye is telling Louise how it feels to be saved by the public for the 3rd time. Faye feels like every time feels like it’s “a new beginning” adding that “it’s horrible to try to act like its okay but I am so happy to be here” and that she feels that she is in shock.


Alex is in the diary room talking to Big Brother. She tells Big Brother that Harry didn’t deserve to go as he was such a nice guy. Alex adds “Harry will be really missed” and that she feels devastated. Alex continues talking to Big Brother and says that from the first week she knew Harry was a genuine guy and although that Harry was only 23 he felt like a father figure to her.



Jay is in the diary room and he treats Big Brother to a rap he has made up about avoiding eviction.


Faye and Alex are in the bedroom and are both crying about Harry being evicted from the house with Faye telling Alex that she feels guilty. Alex tells Faye she shouldn’t worry as Harry will be with his girlfriend “eating posh cheese”



Jay and Tom are in the garden talking about the cash prize, Tom says that he is unsure of what he would spend the money of if he won as he has never really had money before.


Louise joins Tom and Jay in the garden and they all agree that they think that Aaron will win. Jay feels that it is because Aaron is aware of the public and finds it easy to manipulate the audience. Louise feels that it is “wrong to play games” Jay says that he wants someone to win that needs the money and lists “Alex, Tom, Louise and himself as those people adding “ but, Aaron has it in the bag though”


Aaron is inside in the living area on the sofa eating sweets.




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