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Day 49 Daily Update

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    Posted: 28 Oct 2011 at 22:15
Day 49


Yesterday, Jem left the Big Brother house. Later that evening the mood lifted as housemates, Aaron, Jay and Harry won a “Cinnamon Challenge” task and the housemates were rewarded with a 90’s rave party. The good feeling in the house has continued into the morning and housemates wake up to Faye skipping around the bedroom. In the kitchen, Tom is looking at himself in the mirror and grimaces, “you look like a scarecrow,” he says. In the diary room, Faye tells Big Brother that she has “woken up in quite a chipper mood.” She talks to Big Brother about the possibility of being evicted on Friday night and says that she is not ready to leave the house.

In the kitchen, Louise is quizzing Aaron about his dance moves. She asks if he always goes out dancing like he did at the 90’s rave last night and says that people might laugh when they see the footage. “I was hoping people would think ‘ooh, he’s cutting some shapes,’” Aaron says, looking worried.


Louise and Alex are doing the washing up in the bath. Aaron is pondering Friday’s eviction in the bedroom and is counting down the days until the Final. He talks to Faye about the eviction, saying that he thinks he will probably go. Faye starts to play with Aaron’s hair and he tells her that she is annoying him. “Tell me something that’s new,” she quips.


Faye and Aaron are in bed cuddling. He holds her face and kisses her affectionately and she smiles. Alex and Harry are in the living area talking about how far they have come. “In the past, posh people have left in the first two weeks,” Harry says. Alex says that he has done well and has proved to the viewers that he is a nice guy. In the diary room, Tom is talking to Big Brother about the upcoming eviction. He says that whoever goes on Friday, it will cause a “massive impact” on the house because everyone is so close. “I’ll probably be upset whatever the outcome,” but says he will especially be upset if Aaron is evicted because he feels the closest to him. He tells Big Brother that he is happy to have never been up for eviction and smiles.

In the living area, Alex is complaining that her shoes have holes in: “I wonder if they’ve got holes in because they’re two sizes too small?” she asks Harry. He can’t understand why she would buy shoes that are too small and jokes with her that she is silly for doing so.


For today’s task, housemates are going head-to-head in a sock wrestling challenge. With their own wrestling alter-egos and costumes, housemates have to get the socks off their opponent in the ring, while referee, Aaron, makes sure there is no foul play. When Aaron emerges from the diary room in his referee costume, Faye laughs and Harry jests “what do you look like?” When Aaron announces the details of the challenge, Faye shrieks with excitement at the prospect of it involving wrestling.

The first pair to fight for their socks is Harry and Louise under their wrestling alter egos, “The King” and “Kitten the Killer.” Harry wins by removing both of Louise’s socks first. The second pair to enter the ring is Alex and Jay as Big Brother announces a “ Battle of the Geordies.” “The Dark Destroyer”, Jay beats Alex and her alias “Goldie”. During their sock wrestle, referee Aaron blew the whistle because he thought Jay was “looking at her too mean.” The final round is between Tom “The Ankle Biter” aka “The Champ” and professional wrestler, Faye, who plays her character “Darcy Steele.” After a tense fight, Faye gives up and Tom defeats her, taking both of her socks off first. After her wrestle, Faye is lying in the wrestling ring. As Aaron goes to comfort her he asks if she is hurt or “just embarrassed.” This has clearly hit a nerve, and Faye tells him that she is definitely “not embarrassed.”


Whilst Alex and Tom are washing up, she tells him how proud she is of him for winning the wrestling match against Faye: “Well done, ooh my little wrestler” she coos. Aaron is comforting Faye in bed after her defeat earlier on today. She tells him that she is “absolutely gutted” for losing and thinks about how she is going to go back to wrestling when she leaves the house. He jokes that she should reconsider it and she says “I’ll just be a housewife” and they laugh.


Jay and Louise are talking about the eviction on Friday. Jay tells Louise that he feels that he is up against the “top dogs.” Louise tries to comfort him, saying that her mum will vote for him because she has seen how much she likes him. In the diary room, Aaron talks to Big Brother about the upcoming eviction saying that he thinks he has “blown his chances” and might be going on Friday.


Harry is in the bathroom, continuing an attempt at the washing up that was started earlier in the bath. In the bedroom, Tom is wandering around and Faye jumps out of the task costume box to scare him. He squeals saying “how long have you been in there?” Alex laughs, having been in on the joke all along.

In the garden, Jay and Aaron are smoking and talking about Friday. They talk about the group being close now and say that there doesn’t seem to be any cliques or groups. “Apart from maybe Tom and Alex” they agree and Jay says that that’s probably a good thing because their conversations are usually similar to “if you were a skittle, how would you be” he jokes. Jay says that he would be really “sad to go” and Aaron says that whoever wins out of this group deserves it. “There’s no one who I want to stay or go more than anyone else,” Jay continues and tells Aaron how he feels about being up against the “top dogs.” Aaron says that he feels he is in the “dodgiest” position and Jay agrees saying “you’ll either be top or bottom.”


In the bathroom, Faye looks out to Aaron and Harry and says that she thinks Aaron “looks hot.” “He’s a bit too Next catalogue for me,” Tom says and they laugh.

In the garden, Harry is talking to Aaron about the possibility of them winning and says that it will be funny if people ask for their autographs. Aaron says that it will probably be people asking for photos on mobile phones now and Harry contemplates this new idea and the thought of being “noticed.” “I can’t believe I’ve been in here longer than I’ve been with my girlfriend” says Harry.


In the living area, the housemates are critiquing Aaron’s rave dancing from last night. They all laugh and Jay says “I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing with you.” The housemates ask Big Brother for some music so that Aaron can continue his dance moves and Big Brother puts the lights down and plays some music into the house. As the housemates start jumping about and dancing, Harry continues the washing up.

Alex and Tom go to the diary room after they have finished dancing. Big Brother asks the pair “did you get your swagger on?” Tom responds “the swagger is never turned off!” Alex and Tom do impressions of their fellow housemates dancing and Tom starts by imitating Jay. Alex continues by imitating Louise’s dancing and then does Faye’s “sexy” style of dancing, saying that she knows how to dance. The pair then move on to Aaron’s now infamous dancing and Tom says “we get it, you’re a dad, and you don’t need to get the dad moves out!”


Faye and Aaron have come to the diary room to talk about what could be their final night in the house together. Tom and Alex are hidden behind the barbeque again eating chocolate and snuggling in duvets. Alex calls Tom her “cookie monster” and forces some cookie into his mouth, giggling.

Jay and Louise are in bed. Jay tells her that he will miss her if he is evicted. “If you go out you’d better be there when I f***ing get out,” Louise tells him. In the diary room, Big Brother asks how Faye and Aaron are planning on spending their final night together. Aaron jokes that he has made them a double bed and smirks. Faye tells him to stop being silly as she is “trying to have a serious conversation” with Big Brother. Back in the bedroom, Louise is telling Jay how much she will miss him if he leaves and she says “I think the world of you and I’ll wait for you.” They “pinky promise” that everything will work out and kiss and cuddle affectionately.


All of the housemates are in bed and Harry is the only housemate not sharing a bed. Tom and Alex are in bed together and the duvet is moving suspiciously. Jay and Louise are together, and she holds her hands up in the air, making a heart shape out of her hands. Faye and Aaron are in bed together, cuddling. “I love you,” Aaron tells her. She stops still and looks at him, saying that he might be falling for her but he can’t be in love with her. Aaron continues to insist that he does love her before telling her to stop analysing things. “I’ll tell you again in the morning” he tells her and Faye says “you won’t feel the same in the morning.” The pair kiss affectionately.
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