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Day 48 : Daily update

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    Posted: 27 Oct 2011 at 22:07
TX: Tonight, Thursday 27th October, 10pm on Channel 5

Day 48
All of the housemates are asleep. Last night, Jem told Big Brother that she wanted to leave the house partly due to the relationship between her sister and Aaron. There is a flashback to Jem yesterday in the diary room, explaining this to Big Brother and also late night footage of Faye and Aaron arguing - where Faye tells Aaron never to speak to her again.
In the morning, Louise asks her how she is feeling about now. “I didn’t go to sleep for ages,” Jem tells her. In the bathroom, Jem tells Faye that she is going to pack her belongings and they hug. Aaron is speaking to Harry about Jem wanting to leave. “Why is she even going?” Aaron asks. “I don’t even think she knows anymore,” Harry sighs. Jem is talking to the girls about leaving. “I can’t chill, you can’t go” Louise tells her. Jem continues to get ready and tells the girls, “there are some fights that are not worth winning.” Alex tells her, “You’re a strong person Jem, I know you can do it.”

Jem is gathering her belongings from around the house. Aaron asks Alex to take a cup of coffee out to Faye in the garden on his behalf. In the smoking area, Tom is talking to Faye about her relationship with Aaron. She says: “considering he’s 30, at times he acts like a child.” Referring to the argument that Faye and Aaron had last night, Tom tells Faye: “You can’t really fall out with someone forever because they chucked your knickers on the floor.”

In the living area, Aaron is telling Harry about a conversation he had with Faye the night before where Faye talked about her ambitions for the future which include having a 4x4 and three children. “Everything she was saying, I didn’t fit into. We want completely different things,” Aaron tells him.

Harry, Jay and Tom are in the sauna talking about Jem wanting to leave the house. “We need to tell her that she needs to sort herself out,” Jay tells the boys. “It gets a bit like a broken record doesn’t it,” Tom adds. In the diary room, Big Brother is telling Jem the consequences of her leaving. Big Brother tells her that if she leaves, the eviction between her and Aaron would be cancelled and all other housemates who received a nomination this week would be put up for eviction with Aaron. Jem doesn’t like the thought of Faye, Jay and Harry being put up for eviction and says to Big Brother, “I know who would go out of that line up.” Big Brother tells Jem she is not permitted to discuss her predicament with the other housemates.

In the bedroom, Faye is talking to Louise about her falling out with Aaron and says that she is thinking about Jem this morning, not him. “Family comes first,” Louise tells her.

Alex and Tom have come to the diary room to tell Big Brother what is on their mind. “We’re not happy, we’re leaving!” they say. “Everybody else wants to leave…” says Tom, “….so we are hopping on the bandwagon” Alex finishes. Tom tells Big Brother that this will be the first of many visits to the diary room that he and Alex will make. Alex tells Big Brother that they can expect “three or four visits in the next hour.” The pair laughs. Harry is in the bathroom while Aaron is brushing his teeth. The toilet door is opened from the inside and Jay appears, drinking a cup of coffee whilst sat on the toilet. Neither Aaron nor Harry seems phased by this.

In the garden, Jem is trying to hint to Faye that her decision to leave has been made more complicated.  Faye continues to tell Jem that she should leave the house if she wants to. “It’s not that simple,” Jem tells her. Faye insists that “it is that simple Jem!” The conversation continues back and forth with Jem getting increasingly frustrated until she throws her plate onto the floor and walks into the house. In the bedroom, Jem paces up and down, pondering her decision to leave. She talks out loud saying “If I go now, Faye could pick herself up.” She sits on the end of one of the beds and holds her head in her hands.

Tom and Alex are in the garden, snuggled up in duvets behind the barbeque. They are talking gibberish and making up a random song about forks and water bottles.

Jem is called to the diary room by Big Brother. Faye intercepts her and tells Jem that she understands what she was trying to say to her earlier and believes that if Jem goes they will all be up for eviction. Jem doesn’t give a clear answer but implies that no one is safe. In the diary room, Big Brother informs Jem that her suitcase has been delivered to the store room for her to pack her belongings. When Jem collects her suitcase from the store room, Aaron’s mouth opens in disbelief as he watches her go into the bedroom to pack. Louise follows Jem into the bedroom and tells her that she doesn’t want her to leave. Aaron follows them both into the bedroom and Jem says to him: “I know you have a big influence here so please try and influence Faye to snap out of it. If there is anything you can do to make her feel better, please do.” Aaron agrees then tells Jem that “she told me never to speak to her again.” They both look at each other.

All housemates are gathered on the sofas. Faye and Jem go into the bedroom for one last talk. Faye cries and Jem cradles her, telling her that she wants her to have an “amazing time.” Faye tells her sister that she doesn’t want to be “booted out” on Friday and says that she wishes her sister wasn’t going. They have a final hug before joining the rest of the housemates on the sofas.

Big Brother asks Jem to confirm that she wants to leave the house. She does. Big Brother then announces to the housemates that as a result of Jem’s decision to leave the house, the eviction between her and Aaron on Friday has been cancelled. Big Brother goes on to clarify that all other housemates who received a nomination this week will now join Aaron in being up for eviction. Faye, Jay and Harry are told that they will now face eviction on Friday as well and Harry says “cheers Big Bro.” Jem then goes to the diary room for the final time and all the housemates hug her goodbye at the door apart from Aaron who waits at the back of the crowd. “Love you lots,” Tom tells her and Harry says “sorry to see you go.” Jem hugs Faye and tells her to “entertain me.” She then says to housemates “love you guys, make the most of it” and walks through to the diary room. On Jem’s departure, Faye cries and Tom hugs her, saying “come here bab.” In the diary room, Jem tells Big Brother that her departure was “intense” and she says “I will always cherish this.” She continues to tell Big Brother about her time in the house: “My time as a housemate has been a crazy challenge full of wonderful, interesting and unique people. It’s magical in here.”

Tom and Alex are in bed, talking about Jem leaving the house. Tom says that he thinks she has done the right thing by going because she hadn’t been herself the past week. They talk about the change to the eviction this week and Alex says that if she had known other people would go up in her place, she wouldn’t have been able to walk out.

In the bathroom, Harry and Aaron agree that they didn’t really speak to Jem that much when she was in the house. On the sofas, Faye is talking to Louise about Aaron, saying that she wants to speak to him. “Do you still want to be his friend?” Louise asks. “Of course,” Faye replies. In the bathroom, Aaron continues to talk to Harry about Faye and says that she has been “very mood swingy” the past few days. Aaron says that Faye’s behaviour seemed to improve when she found out she was up for eviction this week.

Alex and Tom are playing a role play game and are pretending to be “Bert and Martha”, viewing a house to buy. They go in the sauna and pretend to look around. Tom says “I’ve always liked the wooden look, it’s rustic.” He pats the inside walls of the sauna and confirms that they are “strong walls.” Alex comments on the “nice coal fire” and Tom reads the ‘SAUNA’ label on the back of the door: “Apparently the house is called ANUAS” he says. The pair agree to “go and put an offer in.”

In the diary room, Faye tells Big Brother how she feels since Jem left the house: “I feel like a piece of me is missing” she says and tells Big Brother that she misses her sister’s cuddles and “burping.” She says that she “feels horrible” about being up for eviction this week and tells Big Brother that a lot has happened since the public last saved her. She says that things between her and Aaron “aren’t great” but she is going to try and sort things out.

Housemates have been given a task and have been told that if they complete the challenge they will be rewarded with a 90’s rave party. Each housemate is handed a shot of cinnamon and told they must endeavour to swallow the shot without the aid of water. Alex sniffs hers and says “it smells like Christmas.” They all put the cinnamon shots in their mouth and laugh as some housemates give up. Some cinnamon leaves Alex’s mouth and she has a cinnamon moustache above her top lip. Housemates continue to laugh whilst trying to keep the cinnamon in their mouths and Tom is covered in cinnamon as he gives up. Aaron, Jay and Harry manage to complete the challenge successfully and Jay declares that “Aaron took it for the team.”

As a result of passing the cinnamon challenge, housemates have been provided with 90s rave costumes including neon wigs, legwarmers, headbands and sunglasses. Louise puts a wig on her head and says “Ooh I love a wig.” Tom is dancing around in orange tights and yellow furry boots and Alex looks in the mirror, saying “I quite like green hair.” “It’s yellow, Alex” Harry informs her as she strokes her yellow wig. Later on, the rave moves into the garden and Jay dives into the pool. Tom jumps in too and soon all of the housemates are raving in the swimming pool. A water fight breaks out and housemates all start splashing Alex.

Faye is looking at the face of Jem on the wall in the living area. In the bedroom, Alex is talking to the housemates about her McDonalds uniform. “Guess who does the uniform” she asks. “Armani”, Harry laughs, hazarding a guess. In the diary room, Tom is dancing around telling Big Brother that tonight “we had the best night ever!” He goes on to talk about his relationship with Jem before gasping, realising that he won’t have anyone to get up early with and talk to in the mornings now that she has left: “She was the only one who gets up in the morning with me. Tomorrow I’ll have no one to talk to.”

Aaron follows Faye into the bathroom and sits down on the sofa with her. She tells him that she is having a sleep in her favourite room. Aaron looks at her and tells her “I still worry about you, I care about you.” They smile at each other and then hug affectionately.

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