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Day 45 : Daily Update

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    Posted: 24 Oct 2011 at 21:58
TX: Tonight, Monday 24th October, 10pm on Channel 5

Day 45

Jem is still torn between staying in the Big Brother house and making a swift exit. She hugs Louise and says that she is still “thinking about leaving.” A while later, Faye tells Jem that she needs to make a decision about leaving: “Because it’s making me look a bit insane as well.” Jem has come to the diary room and Big Brother asks: “Do you want to stay in the Big Brother house?” Jem smirks then replies: “Yes please.”

Aaron and Faye are in the bathroom: “I think there was some rumpy pumpy going on last night,” he tells her referring to Jay and Louise. Faye says, “They seem to really like each other.” Aaron quips: “I didn’t know if he was skiing or what under there.” Later in the diary room Big Brother asks Jay how he and Louise are getting on. Jay confesses that that he and Louise had a kiss, cuddle and “blah, blah, blah.” Big Brother asks Jay to elaborate, “You need to ask Louise about that,” he smirks.

Aaron, Jay and Harry are in the sauna. Aaron hints to Jay: “Your bed was noisy last night.” Jay smiles and looks a bit embarrassed.

Louise has come to the diary room and is beaming about her relationship with Jay. “There’s nothing wrong with a bit of a snog and a grind,” she confesses and tells Big Brother that she could “easily fall in love,” with Jay. Louise says that she can’t believe that she has found someone to be with in the house but explains that the relationship won’t get to the other level while in the house: “He’s not put his thing in me,” she remarks. Big Brother asks her what would make her fall in love with Jay: “Another day with him,” she giggles.

Alex has been making her bed for 21 minutes and 8 seconds and is clearly struggling. Big Brother announces that housemates need to make their beds correctly. Tom asks Alex if she wants him to help her but Alex says she is fine to carry on alone.

Alex and Tom are on the sofa, enjoying a good slurp. Louise and Jay are lying on the bed. She tells him that she loves his accent and Jay jokes that that he will try to speak properly for the day. Faye and Jem are in the garden talking about nominations. Jem tells her sister that she would like her to “make the most” of the rest of her time in the house. They then make a pact that if either is evicted the other will leave with them.

Aaron is in the diary room talking to Big Brother about Jem. He mentions her indecision about leaving the house and says that Jem seems “awkward and unsure of herself.” “Her arguments with Faye are all to do with me,” he sighs.

Faye is mumbling to herself in the bedroom. Jem comes in and comments on her sister’s chatter. Faye asks her if talking to herself means she’s going mad. “Don’t ask me!” Jem smirks.

Alex and Harry are at the sofas. “Do you think I’m chavvy?” she asks him. Harry says no but says that he cannot image her “at the races with my friends.” Alex looks shocked and tells him: “I can be prim and proper. I could roll with you.” Harry picks up on her ‘roll with you’ comment and tells Alex that his friends are not “gangsters!” then rocks while pretending to be in low rider car. He then mentions that one of his friends has a jeep and plays his music very loud. “So you roll up like gangsters Harry!” Alex reprimands him. Harry laughs as Alex continues: “A jeep with loud music, I would never do that. That is the chavviest thing I’ve ever heard!”

Alex has been called to the diary room for her part in today’s task. For today’s task each housemate will be called to the diary room, to sit behind a clear Perspex sheet with two squiggly lines drawn on it and two dots. They will be given a marker and will have to draw a continuous line from the red dot to the blue dot, whilst keeping between the two lines. If a housemate goes outside of the lines or takes the pen off the sheet they will incur a 10 second penalty for each time they do this.

However, after 10 seconds, someone will enter the diary room and will try to distract them. While in the diary room she can hear someone making their way to the diary room. “Nooooo, who’s coming, is it scary stuff?” she squeals. Alex is visited by handsome butler serving from a chocolate fountain. As she carries out the task Alex warns the butler not to get chocolate in her hair and scolds Big Brother for “taking the complete and utter p**s,” while she is enjoying being fed chocolate. The housemate, who is the least distracted and draws the longest continuous line in the shortest time, will win a very special reward later today.

Louise comes out of the diary room and tells housemates about her distraction; a topless fat man doing arm pit farts. She complains that she might have carried some of the smell out with her: “Do I stink of s**t,” she asks Faye. “The same,” Faye replies while sniffing her.

Jay is in the bathroom getting ready to have a soak. He is standing in the bath, cupping himself. Louise walks in and asks: “Are you getting in bollocko?” Jay says yes adding: “I’ve never had one naked,” before lying down in the soapy water. A short while later, Faye and Louise have a catch up in the smoking area. Louise asks her if she and Aaron are “alright now.” Faye assures her that she and Aaron are fine and says they have agreed to keep any problems “between us.” “How are you and Jay?” Faye enquires and Louise says they’re good. “He thinks the world of you,” Faye remarks and they both smile before agreeing that they never thought they would find romance in the house. Faye says that she is “worried about saying stuff in here,” but whispers she is starting to fall in love and Louise agrees. They skirt around the subject and Faye adds: “I feel like geeks.”

Alex and Harry are at the table having a one-to-one. Harry compares their friendship to being like, “The prince and the pauper,” and smiles at Alex. “What would your mum think of me?” she asks. Harry says that if he and Alex were “going out,” his mum would remark: “Oh God no!” Highlights are shown of Alex and Harry’s relationship during their time in the house. Some of the housemates talk about the friendship between Alex and Harry with Big Brother. Aaron says that “Alex follows Harry around like a little lamb,” and guesses that viewers will find it “adorable.” Harry confessed to Big Brother that Alex “is a great girl, really sweet but can be really annoying,” while Alex beamed about their friendship adding: “I love him to bits.”

For coming first in the Distraction task, Jem has won a spa treatment and has chose Faye to enjoy it with her. It’s a quiet night in the house; we snippets of Housemates’ activities through the evening so far; Faye and Aaron fell out, Louise and Alex enjoyed chocolate in bed and Harry tried to have an intelligent conversation with Faye. ”What do you think of David Cameron,” he starts. Faye says that she doesn’t know anything about politics. “Let’s talk about sex then,” quips Harry. Jay and Aaron are having an early night.

To relieve the boredom, some of the housemates decide to play a game of Hide & Seek. Alex, Harry and Louise are in the diary room. Alex says that she found Louise and Harry but “not the others.” Housemates are obviously sitting on someone hiding behind a pillow. Tom suddenly appears from behind the pillow and Alex feigns surprise. The housemates ask Big Brother to play them some music but their request is refused. The housemates leave the diary room and return to the living area.

Alex, Louise and Tom are called back to the diary room 45 minutes later. Big Brother tells them that if housemates can be entertaining, in silence for 10 minutes, music will be played into the house. The excited trio return to the house and relay Big Brother’s offer to their fellow housemates. Some of the housemates are having a silent disco, Harry is washing-up. After 10 minutes Big Brother reveals that housemates can have music and drinks and mentions that Harry played an important part in their success due to his silent washing up. All of the housemate laugh.

Jay and Louise are having snuggles. “I love your smell,” Jay tells her. “What, BO?” Louise questions and Jay says yes. Tom teases Aaron about his relationship with Faye “Do I feel a hint of the old…?” Aaron queries following Tom’s hints. “35 percent, brewing,” Aaron continues. Tom tells him it’s good but says that he can feel a bit “awkward,” as they both confide in him. Aaron mentions that he doesn’t get on with Jem. “I hope it works for you on the outside,” Tom wishes.

Tom and Alex are on the sofa getting closer than usual. “Stop playing with my balls,” Tom complains as Alex tugs at the bobbles on his hat. They are sitting face to face and Tom jokes: “Lure him in, get me when I’m drunk!” Alex grins and Tom continues: “A few sips of shandy and I’m yours.” “You’re a total s**t,” Alex quips. Harry and Aaron are sitting in their beds talking about Jem. Harry mentions Jem going back on her decision to leave. “She’s really grating on me,” Harry admits. “I think she’ll be up anyway,” Aaron declares. The pair talks in code about who they think will be up for eviction. “I think she’d lose out on the two I think will be up,” Aaron reveals. “For all we know if could be you and I,” Harry remarks.

Most of the housemates are in bed laughing and joking. “I love a good toe, me,” Alex shouts and housemates laugh and groan. “You’ve been getting raunchier, I can’t cope with it,” Aaron retorts.

Tom and Jem are in the kitchen. She tells him that she is not “liked,” as much as other housemates. “I just don’t want to be booed,” she admits but says that if she is, it’s because, “I keep saying ‘I’m going, I’m going.’” She continues: “I’ve got people in mind that I want to win.” “Faye, Alex?” Tom guesses and Jem says that there is “one more,” while nodding at him. “Me, really?” Tom beams and Jem says that all three of them have “pure hearts.” Tom tells her that she also has a chance at winning and reminds her that “strangers voted for you, you came second, you should try and stay as long as you can though.” Jem smiles.

Tom goes into the bedroom and joins Alex in bed.

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