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Day 41 : Daily Update

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    Posted: 20 Oct 2011 at 22:27
TX: Tonight, Thursday 20th October, 10pm on Channel 5

Day 41

Ghostly goings on have continued to dominate the Big Brother house since Anton and Jay found out that that Big Brother had a gruesome twist in store. The nominated pair were removed from the house and required to live in a secret crypt where they have spent time watching their fellow housemates and creating ghoulish mischief.

As part of Big Brothers spooky twist, a blood red carpet has been laid throughout the house. Ghostly housemates Jay and Anton are rising from their coffins. “The end is near,” Jay warns his oblivious housemates. The housemates wake up to the sound of zombie groans. Aaron likens the sounds to “sex noises.” Tom, Alex, Faye and Jem are the first to see the carpet. Faye returns to the bedroom and pretends to be a zombie while telling her fellow housemates about the new flooring. Some of the housemates speculate about the reason for the carpet – some predict a new housemate will arrive or one of them will be leaving later tonight. “Maybe the Queen’s coming,” quips Harry.

Harry and Tom are in the bathroom singing. In the crypt, Anton and Jay are ranking the housemates. Jay asks which housemates is “most annoying,” and Anton says it’s between “Faye, Harry or Alex.” Jay comments that Alex isn’t good to watch. They agree that Louise, Jem and Tom are okay. “Jem’s not too bad but she bores me,” Anton adds. He brands Faye as “ridiculous.” Jay says that he would love to “put Alex up against Aaron,” but would not want it to “backfire” on him. The conversation veers onto Jem and Anton says that she “looks older than 25.” They start to laugh and Jay says: “You mean 35!”

Faye is telling housemates about her royal connections. She tells them that she went along with her dad when he got invited to the Queen’s birthday and that some of the people at the palace, “Looked at me like I was a piece of crap.” Louise remarks that she would have said: “Shut up knobheads!” Harry laughs and tells her that that comment might have been “inappropriate.”

Jem and Aaron are in the garden. He tells her that he manipulated some people’s votes for nominations. “If you wanted to you could manipulate everyone,” he muses. Jem tells him that he has a “clever way of looking at it.” Aaron tells her that when he thought Faye was going to be nominated, he changed his behaviour so that people would vote for him instead.  They talk about Jay and Anton and Aaron says that given the choice, “I’d save Anton.”

Anton and Jay are watching Aaron and Jem’s conversation on the television in the crypt. “He’s sly, this is war, he possibly knows we’re hiding,” Anton ponders.

The world premiere of the movie Paranormal Activity 3 is going to be held in the Big Brother arena tonight. A huge cinema screen has been erected on the live set and guests have been invited. Housemates are told that in order to attend the screening, they must impress the viewers who will vote on who should go and watch the film. Unknown to the housemates, however, the viewers that are deciding their fate are ghostly housemates Anton and Jay.

Big Brother asks the gruesome duo who they think is the most brain-dead housemate. Anton chooses Alex; therefore she won’t be going to the premiere. Alex enters the diary room and Big Brother announces that she has been chosen to be zombiefied and therefore will not be attending the premiere. “Good, I don’t like scary films!” she shouts. Alex is transformed into a zombie and creeps out of the grave in the garden.

Harry is the next housemate to be zombiefied and like Alex, rises from the grave in the garden. Anton chooses Faye as the final housemate to be zombiefied for being the least entertaining. “I was more entertaining than my sister!” she complains. Faye goes to garden and rises from the grave.

Entertaining housemates Jem, Tom, Louise and Aaron will all attend tonight’s spooky premiere.

Anton and Jay congratulate themselves in the crypt and continue to watch the action in the house.

Zombie Faye and Aaron are kissing while lying down under the stairs. Jay moans: “I don’t wanna watch this!” “Is this all they do?” snaps Anton. Aaron and Faye go into the bedroom where they discuss their relationship. Faye wonders what will happen to their relationship after they leave the house: “I’m nervous it will go AWOL,” she admits. In the crypt Anton scolds: “I can’t listen to this,” adding: “This won’t last.”

Faye and Aaron continue their chat and Aaron tells her that he is “more than prepared to give it full effort, it’s worth it.” Faye smile and tells him “You make me happy, I do really like you.” Anton shouts to the television in the crypt, “You’re getting played!”  Faye and Aaron both agree that they are in “a relationship” and plan to tell house. Aaron hugs Faye and jokes: “Well done, you’ve done well for yourself.”

Jay and Anton are laughing in the crypt. Jay muses while pointing at the screen: “He went out with a girl for two months and didn’t kiss her, and now they’re going out?!” Jay continues to laugh.

The star studded premiere begins and zombie housemates Harry, Faye and Alex are trapped in the bathroom. They can only watch through the glass walls.

Celebrities Katie Price, ex-Celebrity Big Brother housemates Dane Bowers and Michelle Heaton and Celebrity Big Brother 2011 winner Paddy enter the house. They drink, chat and mingle with the Big brother housemates and pose for photos. Ex-Big Brother housemates Nikki Grahame, Celebrity Big Brother housemates Lucien and Bobby and stars from Made in Chelsea enter the house.

In the crypt, Anton comments: “That Lucien guy is gonna chat up Louise” while watching the house on the screen. Jay quips: “What the f**k is going on, there’s strangers in me house”

The world premiere of Paranormal Activity 3 begins. The four housemates and assorted celebrities exit the house. Aaron, Jem, Tom and Louise watch the movie from a special glass booth just outside the house. Inside the house, the three zombies are released back into house.

Big Brother calls Harry, Alex and Faye to the diary room. In the crypt, Anton and Jay hatch their paranormal pranks to play on the house.

Harry, Alex and Faye are taken to the ‘Den of Despair,’ where Big Brother begins telling the zombiefied trio a spooky story as they huddle in the candle lit room.  Meanwhile, Anton and Jay run through the house causing havoc and creating a mess by throwing things around the house and rearranging furniture.

Big Brother tells the ghostly story of Mary Worth and Alex starts crying. “Tell Mary Worth to f**k off!” she shouts and Faye reassures her adding: “It’s not real.” Harry laughs and tells her: “If Faye and I are dead, then start worrying.” Alex cries louder. Big Brother’s story comes to an abrupt end then Big Brother asks if housemates have any spooky stories the wish to tell. “f*ck off!” Alex shouts.

All of the housemates return to see the mess in the house. The zombies get the blame from the housemates who were watching the film. Big Brother instructs
housemates go to the task room to experience a supernatural act in the task room. Housemates will take part in a spoof séance.

All of the housemates are gathered round a fake Ouija board and are instructed to hold hands together. When Big Brother asks if there is anybody there the pointer on the board lands on ‘Yes’. “I don’t like this Big Brother!” Louise admits. Big Brother then asks the board if the housemates are safe. The board points to ‘No.’ The room falls into darkness and Jay and Anton jump out of their tombs. The ghostly pair hugs their housemates and Harry asks: “Have you been in there for two days?!”

Big Brother tells housemates to take their seats around the board and instruct Anton and Jay to stand in front of their tombs. “We’ve been watching you 24/7, you’s are boring as f**k,” Jay quips. Big Brother reminds the housemates that Jay and Anton are up for eviction, and that being dead to the house has given them supernatural qualities to change their fates. Big Brother then asks Jay and Anton to each choose one housemate to face the public vote alongside them.

Anton chooses Jem and Jay chooses Harry but mentions that “Faye and Aaron have just got together,” as his reason for not picking them. Therefore Jem and Harry will face the public vote with Anton and Jay.

Harry comes to the diary room to talk to Big Brother about his sudden nomination. “I’m a bit gutted” he confesses and admits that he was surprised that Anton didn’t choose him to be up. He tells Big Brother that it’s his girlfriend birthday on Saturday, and that his target for staying in the house was 2 weeks.

Jay and Anton continue to stir things in the house.

In the bedroom Jay tells Faye and Jem: “I heard a lot of bullshit,” while observing housemates during his time in the crypt. “We know everything,” he adds and mentions the talk Jem has with Faye in the toilet. Jay warns: “Harry is not the person I thought he was, he’s sly.”

Jem asks Jay if what she said in the toilet to Faye “was right.” Jay says yes adding: “I put Harry up for a reason.”

Aaron and Faye are in the garden discussing Jay and Anton’s revelations about Harry. They are both confused by the pair telling them that Harry is “different in the diary room.” Aaron tells her that he likes Harry: “I don’t know what to believe.” Faye asks Aaron if Jay and Anton are “twisting minds” in the house.

Anton is having a shower in the bathroom while talking to Louise and Jem. Anton tells them that Aaron and Harry have said that all Jem does is “cook, and worry about food” in order to fit in. He says that Aaron and Harry implied that Louise is thick and “When you talk, no one listens.” “I’m not thick,” she snaps. “If it’s shown as I’ve seen it, Harry is not as popular as you think,” he warns.

Housemates are in the kitchen, Jem is concerned about people in the house. Louise tells Tom and Alex about Harry’s alleged comment.  They are shocked and Louise reassures them adding: “You two are friends with him, don’t fall out with him.”

Jem has come to the diary room and is visibly confused. “What’s going on!?” she bemoans. Jem says that she is “scared to trust people,” and talks about the different groups in the house. She mentions that people “plant seeds around the group,” and that some housemates are “constantly plotting.”

Aaron and Faye are in the bathroom talking about Jay and Anton’s stirring. Faye tells him: “If you don’t like my sister I’d rather you said.” Aaron looks confused and denies that he has been talking about Jem. Faye is concerned that both her sister and Louise are upset. “I haven’t slagged off either of them,” Aaron reassures her.

In the diary room Jem says: “There is safety in numbers, it only takes a group shift. I don’t know who to trust,” she admits.

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