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Day 33 : Daily Update

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    Posted: 12 Oct 2011 at 23:46
Day 33

Last night Big Brother revealed this week’s nominations. A dark cloud has been hanging over the house and talk of nominations is rife. In the bedroom Alex has just woken up and Anton tells her that she is forgiven for nominating him. Alex looks bemused. “I’ve worked it out and it’s fine,” he tells her. “Even if I didn’t, you’d still be up,” Alex replies. Some of the housemates are in the living area. Aaron and Harry are discussing Anton’s antics. “Why is he going on at an 18 year old girl?” Aaron comments. In the bedroom Louise tells Anton to stop talking about nominations. Anton tells them that he worked everything out, “because I’m obviously intelligent,” and says that the only problem is “Ads ignoring Lou.” Louise muses: “Maybe I shouldn’t have called him a d**khead, but he was.”

Last night Aden fell out with Louise because she nominated him. Both of them are in the kitchen talking about their argument. “I’m cool,” Aden tells her and says: “Good morning.” Louise replies and they share a hug. In the bedroom, Jem is probing Faye about her relationship with Aaron. Louise has come to the diary room. She tells Big Brother that the house “has gone mad!” and relays her argument with Aden from the previous night.  She expresses her concern over Anton’s reaction to being nominated. “I’m really worried about him, he’s like, two sandwiches short of a picnic.” Louise says “I thought I worried; there’s more to life than worrying about who’s nominating you.”

For this week’s shopping task, the Big Brother house has been struck by a blizzard.
Housemates must undertake death defying search and rescue mission. Housemates have been gathered in the garden. The task begins and housemates Aaron, Aden, Alex, Faye, Harry and Jem head to the large task room to become stranded. Jem and Faye scream with excitement at the sight of a snow covered room with camp beds. Alex looks worried. “This will be good for you, character building,” Aaron enthuses. Harry is happy that he “won’t have to listen to Anton moaning.”

In an effort to rescue stranded housemate Alex, Jay has elected to ski on a slalom machine for 30 minutes, as part of the task he must estimate how long 30 minutes is, “I’m pooped already” he huffs part way through. In the stranded room, Jem asks Aaron if he’s into “kinky sex,” and Aaron asks her to “define kinky.” When Jem tells him that she hopes he isn’t leading Faye “astray,” Aaron quips: “I think it’s the other way round.” Alex ask Aaron if he like’s Disney princesses. “I like the work ethic of the Princess and the Frog,” he replies.  Rescuer Jay is working hard on the slalom. “Lou if I keel over will you give me mouth to mouth,” he jokes and Louise giggles. The rescuers all agree that Jay has completed his time on the slalom then dives into the ‘snow.’  Big Brother announces that Jay lasted 29 minutes and 50 seconds and has therefore failed the task. Alex will remain stranded. “I can’t f***king believe that!” Jay scolds.

Stranded housemates Aaron and Faye are talking about their relationship. Aaron tells her: “I’ve bought into the concept of us, I enjoy being part of it.” Faye mocks his “bought into it,” comment and they smile at each other. Anton and Tom are in the kitchen and Louise is lying on the sofas. Anton brands Aaron is a “d**khead” and tells Tom that he should think less of Aaron: “He snaked you, he made you look like a fool on TV.” Tom remains impartial and Louise heads over to them. “You sound like you’re a bit obsessed with him,” Louise tells him adding: “You need to stop going on about him.” Anton tells her that she is right and Louise tells him to “promise.” Anton repeatedly tells her she is right and apologises with a smirk.

Housemates have been stranded for 3hours and 27 minutes. Rescuer Louise has been called to the diary room to take part in a yellow snow tasting challenge. Louise hopes to rescue stranded housemate Alex.  Louise wretches after each taste and at the end of her task Big Brother reveals that the forth bowl was cow urine. “I can say I’ve tried cow urine,” she says and tries it again. Big Brother announces that Alex is to be freed. Stranded housemate Alex twirls and squeals with joy.

Rescued housemate Alex is in the diary room telling Big Brother about her coping skills. She says she would have been fine with basic rations adding: “In Africa I lived off rice and chocolate for three weeks, camping.”Aden has cabin fever and pleads to the strand-cam to rescue them. The rescuers are in the living area. “All I want is the shopping budget,” Jay declares.  Tom has elected to fight a yeti in order to save stranded housemate Aden. Tom jokes: “I’ve fought a few yeti’s in my time.” In the garden Tom successful beats the Yeti in a snowball fight and has therefore passed his part of the task, and freed Aden.

Jem tells Aaron and Faye that she is suspicious of two housemates, Louise and Aden. Anton decides that for his challenge, he wants to rescue Faye, in order to separate stranded housemates Aaron and Faye.

Anton is in the garden. He laughs loudly when Big Brother reveals that he has chosen to save stranded housemate Faye. “I hope you f**king fall off you douche bag,” Faye scowls when it is revealed that Anton must climb 1344 meters on a moving staircase.  A short time into the task, Anton complains that his legs are “killing” him. In the large task room, the stranded housemates are discussing a mutiny and decide to sabotage the mission. “Let’s go with Faye when the doors open,” Aaron suggests and says that he and Harry are “experts” at doing so. In the garden Anton tells housemates: “F**k the food shopping, I want Faye out of here.”

Anton has been climbing for 3 hours and 34 minutes. “I can’t do it,” he groans and stops climbing. It has been 11 hours and 12 minutes since Aaron, Harry, Jem and Faye were stranded. “Do you realise he’s going to murder us?” Harry asks. In the garden, Anton receives some motivation from Big Brother. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough is played into the garden and Anton resumes his climb. His fellow rescuers and the saved housemates dance and sing. Anton teaches his target and they all share a group hug.

It’s been 9 minutes since Anton finished climbing. The stranded housemates have been plotting their escape for 3hours. Big Brother announces that Anton passed his part of the task and that Faye will be freed. Anton is lying on the floor gloating and comments: “I want to see the moment Faye leaves.” The door to the task room opens and the remaining stranded housemates exit and head into the house. The rescues look stunned and stare in silence. “They’ve lost us the luxury budget,” declares Anton. Jay opens the door to the house and asks: “Are you on glue, we loose the budget if you don’t stay, we’ve grafted our balls off?!” Aaron remarks that they couldn’t stay in the task room any longer. Jay is noticeably angry.

It’s been 45 minutes since the trapped housemates escaped the task room. Housemates are sitting on the sofas. “You’re gonna have to sleep in that room, please, I would really appreciate it,” Jay tells Harry. Aaron explains that one of the reasons they sabotaged the task is that “Anton tried to be a d**k.” Jay says that he would do “anything.”  Aden says that he can’t wait to see the back of Faye and Aaron. Anton remains silent. Jay is in the diary room venting his frustration. He says he will be disappointed “If those clowns have lost us the shopping budget.”
Jay says that the people who walked out “should be punished.”  Adding: “If I’m suffering, so should they.”


Aaron has come to the diary room to discuss Anton’s actions. He says that Anton’s plan “backfiring” has given him pleasure. Aaron says that Anton had said he didn’t care about the budget, he “just wanted to upset Faye and Aaron.” He is pleased that Anton’s plan has “backfired, bravo, good beats evil every time.”

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