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Day 32: Daily Update

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    Posted: 11 Oct 2011 at 22:00

TX: Tonight, Tuesday 11th October, 10pm on Channel 5

Day 32


Jay and Louise are asleep in the spare bedroom. Last night Louise won a romantic night for two. Louise wakes up early and wanders around the house before waking Alex. She wakes Alex and leads her into the bathroom and confides: “I’ve just realised, I don’t connect with Jay whatsoever. Alex adds: “There’s no chemistry,” and Louise says that is the exact word she was looking for. Jay wakes up and looks around for Louise. Louise realises and tells Alex that she is not ready to face him and they lean into the sofa to avoid detection. Louise confesses that the situation is making her feel, like leaving the house. She says that she doesn’t want Jay to hate her.


Aaron, Faye and Tom are in the bathroom. Aaron is in the shower and shouts: “Don’t look!” “It’s not that big anyway Aaron, you can cover it with an egg-cup,” Faye quips. “An Easter egg cup,” retorts Aaron. It’s been 3 hours and 37 minutes since Louise left the bed she shared with Jay. Jay and Louise talk in the bedroom. She says that she feels “funny about the situation” between them: “I don’t connect with you,” she adds. “ Cos of the cameras and s**t,” he replies but Louise tells him that he will see how much she thinks of him when he leaves the house. Louise says that although they get on, there’s no chemistry. “I feel odd snogging you in bed but not speaking to you in the day,” she admits and Jay agrees. “You don’t hate me do ya?” she asks. Jay gets out of bed and tells her that he doesn’t and they hug.


Jay is in the living area. Tom asks him if he is alright and Jay says that he is “tired,” and mentions that he and Louise are going to cool things between them. “She bought it up but I’ve been dying to say something,” he adds. Harry says that their relationship must have felt “awkward.” In the spare room Louise talks to Aaron who says that Jay is more bothered about her ending it than she thinks.


Its nominations day in the Big Brother house and housemates will begin the routine for the fifth time, in 30 minutes. As Jem is a new housemate she cannot be nominated or nominate. Big Brother makes the shock announcement that until further notice, housemates are allowed to discuss nominations.  All of the housemates cheer. Anton and Aden are conferring in the garden then laugh loudly. Aaron and Jay watch in silence them from the smoking area. Faye and Aaron are in the bathroom discussing nominations. Faye says that she will nominate Anton and Louise. She says that she likes Louise “but she’s been making me feel a bit uncomfortable.” They share a hug. In the living area Anton takes Jay aside and says: “Me and Ads are both nominating Aaron and Faye so you might as well…” Jay laughs. Housemates begin nominations.


Housemates are still nominating. Harry enters the garden following his stint in the diary room. Anton and Aden ask who he voted for. “Maybe I went with the general consensus,” he retorts. Aden asks: “Did you nominate Anton?” “He wouldn’t nominate me,” Anton remarks. Harry remains tight-lipped and returns to the house.


Housemates have been able to talk freely about nominations for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Louise and Anton are on the sofas discussing who Aaron has nominated. Aaron is in the kitchen. Anton hints that Aaron nominated her. “Has he?” she questions. “That’s what he told Ads,” shrugs Anton. Louise asks Harry if the rumour is true and Harry says no. “At the end of the day, everyone here is a liar,” Harry quips. Aden sits poker faced. Louise goes to nominate.

Nominations continue. Louise emerges from the diary room and joins Aden, Anton and Harry at the sofas. They ask her who she voted for and Louise says she doesn’t want to talk about it. Aden guesses that she voted for him, “I don’t care,”

he tells her: “I think I’m the one person in this house that seriously doesn’t care,” he smiles.

At the end of nominations Anton had five votes, Aaron, Aden, Faye and Jay all have three votes and therefore, all five housemates face the public vote. Alex, Louise and Tom have no nominations.


Faye is venting her frustration on a cushion in the garden with Jem. Some of the housemates are still talking about nominations. Jay is fed up the conversations and shouts: “Why are you still babbling on about nominations, who gives a f**k if we’re up or not!” Anton predicts that two people will be up. Aaron predicts: five for Anton, three for me, three for Faye, three for you (to Aden) and one for Harry.” Anton quips, “That is why you should have had a back up plan my friend.” “The back up plan is called the cameras where everyone has seen you being sexist, and I’m pretty sure you’ll be gone, that’s about as back up as it gets.” Anton says that Aaron and Faye will be up: “So just enjoy the moment,” Anton adds sarcastically.

Aaron and Aden head to the smoking area and continue to discuss nominations. Aaron insists that Anton received five but Aden is doubtful. In the living area Anton tells housemates that Aaron is “losing his mind.” He says that Aaron is “implying that Harry nominated me, and Harry is one of my best friends.” In the garden, Aaron talks to Aden about the night Anton screamed at Faye and ex-housemate Maisy “and the sexist comments.” Aden tells him that at the end of the day “it’s your decision.” At the sofas, Anton tells housemates that Aaron is a “sly dog.”


Aden and Louse are in the garden. He tells her that she only nominated him “cos you thought I nominated you. Louise tells him not to take her decision “personally.” Aaron, Alex and Harry are at the dining table, talking about the queen. Alex asks: “Does she rule the UK?” and the boys explain what the Queen does. “How can I be a queen?” Alex asks. “You have to marry him,” Aaron says while pointing at Harry and asks Alex if she still wants the job. Alex tells them that she realises that’s not the way to become queen. “Then you’ve got to be Kate Middleton,” Harry quips. Alex decides that she may want to become a princess instead as the boys continue to talk about the royal lineage. Alex yawns and Aaron asks her if she is tired and rubs her arm. “A little bit,” she replies and says that she has felt that way lately.

Housemates have been gathered on the sofa for the result of this week’s nominations. Big Brother announces each name in turn. Jay comments: “It’s fine, it’s what I’ve been wanting.” Aaron and Faye go into the garden. “I think Jay and Anton are shocked,” Aaron comments. “I’m gutted, I’m used to being blue now,” Faye says referring to the illuminates housemate portraits. At the sofas Jay tells housemates: "There's no point in hanging around here if people don't like you on the outside." Louise remarks: "What if everyone was booing?" come Friday.
Jay says: “I'll make sure I'm at the top of the stairs when them f**kers open (pointing to door).


Anton is in living area talking to Harry about Aaron. “He really annoys me,” Anton stresses. “Start playing the game back,” Harry retorts and Anton says that things would have been fine if Louise and Jay had “stuck to the plan,” to nominate Faye and Aaron.

Alex has come to the diary room. Big Brother asks her how she has been. “Today’s been s**t, the worse day in the house. Alex explains that she finds it hard to nominate, “It’s my personal opinion,” and doesn’t want to be “led by anyone.” “I didn’t like your little twist, but well done, very clever, I hope you’re proud of yourself.”


Aden is in the bathroom with Harry and Anton. Aden complains: “I’m

never speaking to Louise again, she can f**k off!” “What is she said she’s give you head?” Harry jokes and Aden says he will tell her to “f**k off.” “Well at least she knows where she stands,” Harry quips.

Louise and Jay are lying in bed and Aaron is in the room. Louise comments: “Aaron knows it all,” and Jay agrees that Aaron had been right about the outcome of nominations. Aden walks through the bedroom and Louise asks him if he is ok. He ignores her but answers when Jay asks the same question. “He’s upset, I understand,” Louise tells him. Jay says that although Anton and Aden are his makes, “They are being fake by saying they don’t care,” about being up.

Anton comes into the bedroom pretending to cry and lies on the bed between Jay and Louise. “Aden’s fuming with you,” he tells Louise. He tells them: “Aaron will start doing weird things, like kissing boys.” He turns the conversation to Harry and insist that his “closest mate,” hasn’t nominated him. “Me and Harry are on the same team,” he adds.

Most of the housemates are in the bed. Aaron tries to calm Aden’s mood and tells him to be the “bigger person” and “make up,” with Louise. Aden is still clearly angry, Louise calls him a “dickhead” from across the room adding that everyone else nominated for you him too, “So why are you just angry with me?” Aden says that he thought they were close and it disappointed him, Louise doesn’t understand still why he’s so moody and the argument heats up.  Louise tells him that she still likes him, but Aden is still too upset. Anton is in the diary room talking to Big Brother about nominations. “The wolf pack is up against these clowns in the house,” he muses. “I’m up due to complacency, my troops let me down.” He tells Big brother to warn Aaron to stay away from him, “I will intellectually destroy him.”

This week Aaron, Aden, Anton Faye and Jay will face the public vote.

To vote to SAVE Aaron call 090 16 16 17 01
Or vote by purchasing Facebook credits

To vote to SAVE Aden call 090 16 16 17 02
Or vote by purchasing Facebook credits

To vote to SAVE Anton call 090 16 16 17 03
Or vote by purchasing Facebook credits

To vote to SAVE Faye call 090 16 16 17 05
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To vote to SAVE Jay call 090 16 16 17 08
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