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Day 31: Daily Update

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    Posted: 10 Oct 2011 at 22:02
TX: Tonight, Monday 10th October, 10pm on Channel 5

Day 31


Housemates have been awake for 34 minutes. It’s been four days since Jay and Louise first kissed and the romance is still going strong. Jay is talking about Louise with Aden. He tells him that she has an amazing career and that she’s done well. Louise is in bed with Alex talking about Jay. Louise confesses that when good things happen to her she tends to “throw a spanner in the works.” Louise says that she feels much better since having a proper chat with Jay. “I can start being myself,” she adds. Aaron and Tom are in the kitchen talking about Faye. Aaron tells him that the more time he spends with Faye he feels like they are “Falling into a way of thinking.”  He tells Tom that it could even be viable for him to “work in Birmingham.” Tom is excited by Aaron’s comments.

Housemates have been gathered in the garden to take part in a task based on a carnival game. Housemates are faced with a large grid containing 25 prizes and punishments. Housemates must take it in turns to throw a juggling ball at the square of their choice. They will receive the prize from the square that they hit whether it is a treat or a punishment. One of the prizes is a gym session and Faye and Jem start to argue as they both want it. Aden smiles when he notices that one of the prizes is a dinner date with ex-housemate Rebeckah. Jem wins the gym session and screams with excitement. Faye hits the square containing ‘Nominations’ and is visibly upset, going in to the toilet and crying. Tom wins the dinner date with Rebeckah and Louise wins a romantic evening for two.

After missing out on the date with Rebeckah, Aden writes her a love letter.
It’s been 11 minutes since Aden retreated to the bedroom. Jem has been called to the diary room. Big Brother reveals the details of her prize. Jem must pick one housemate to join her for the training session. Jem looks shocked then deliberates between Faye and Jay. Jem leaves the diary room, enters the living area and announces: “Jay, get your training stuff on!” “You’re kidding me,” Faye shouts then walks off into the bedroom. Jay follows Faye into the bedroom and tells her that he doesn’t mind if she wants to have the prize instead. Faye says it’s ok and gets under her duvet. Jem comes into the bedroom and justifies her decisions to Jay. She tells him that Faye could have kept her shape “If she wasn’t eating chocolate and….” “I can actually hear you Jem!” Faye shouts from under the duvet. Jem laughs then reminds Faye that she can train Faye herself. “I don’t wanna talk to you!” Faye shouts.

It’s been 52 minutes since Jem chose Jay over her sister Faye to be her work out partner. In the living area Jem asks Faye if she is going to have another outburst. Faye feigns a temper then hugs Jem: “Have a good training session,” she adds. Jay and Jem train in the garden where a gym has been set up. Jem is lifting weights and Jay comments: “You look sexy when you growl.” Faye stares at the pair through the window.

Aaron and Faye have stolen a moment away from their fellow housemates. They are kissing in the bathroom and Aaron beams: “Chocolaty,” Faye giggles: “I can’t do it now,” and wriggles away from him. Earlier today Harry won a phone call from home and is in the diary room. “Hi mummy,” Harry beams on hearing his mother’s voice. “Love you to bits,” she replies. Harry jokes that the house is like “being in prison” and his mum tells him that she loved “Banana-gate.” She ends by telling him to “enjoy,” himself. In the bedroom, Jay has crafted letters out of kitchen foil and left a note on Louise’s bed which reads, ‘Thanks for the date but I’m not ya m8.’ Louise reads the message and heads into the living area. Jay is on the sofa and they kiss. “You know what I mean about not being your mate, right?” Jay asks. Louise asks: “Did you not like it when I said I was your mate?” she replies and Jay says that it’s fine; he just wanted the note to rhyme. They then sit in slightly awkward silence.

Tom has begun his date with ex-housemate Rebeckah in the spare bedroom. Aden is in the living area. He tells Louise that he “loves” Rebeckah. “I hope she feels the same,” she replies. At the date, Tom relays Aden’s messages. From the living area Aden shouts: “Tell her I love her!” Rebeckah hears him and shouts that she loves him too. “If you get with another girl I’ll batter you,” Rebeckah warns him. Big Brother notifies housemates to move away from the door. Tom and Rebeckah resume their meal. Rebeckah asks Tom to give Aden a few messages. “I wish he’d stop rapping,” she says adding: “Please, please, please tell him to stay away from Anton.” Rebeckah tells Tom that she misses Aden and is genuine about her feelings for him.

Aden is in the diary room. Big Brother gives him his prize from the task, £2.20 bus fare home. Aden is not amused. He tells Big Brother that he wants to “cry” because “I just heard Rebeckah’s voice.” At the meal Rebeckah tells Tom: “I proper love him” and says that she can’t watch the show, “Because he’s done stuff
I’m annoyed about.” Rebeckah leaves the house and Tom returns to the living area. He tells his fellow housemates: “Everything’s good, I can’t say anything else or we’ll get punished.”

Earlier today, Faye knocked over a square on the carnival attraction. Housemates have been gathered on the sofas to watch the plasma. Big Brother reveals to housemates who has nominated Faye each week so far and who Faye has nominated so far. Housemates Aden, Alex, Anton, Harry, Jay and Louise are shown in turn voting for Faye. Faye is shown nominating Aaron and Anton. At the end of the footage Faye tells housemates: “I’m not worried” and asks Jem if she can have a cigarette. Jem tells her she can have three puffs and they head into the garden.

Aaron is annoyed at the wolf pack, especially what Aden said about him and Faye. “He says he loves a girl he’s known for three weeks, when he makes it out like they have been going out for eleven years.” Harry says that Anton was seemed shocked that someone voted for him. He brands Anton as “arrogant” to think that no-one would have voted for him. “He’ll have a shock this next coming week,” he adds. Faye is in the bathroom with Jem. “I’ve been living here and not playing a game,” Faye tells her. Jem says that this has now “thrown a spanner in the works,” and tells Faye that housemates had to “nominate someone.” Faye tells her that she is mainly disappointed in Harry who she thought was one of her best friends in the house. “I trust Aaron completely.” Faye asks her sister her opinion of Aaron and Jem tells her that following her chat with Aaron, “He seems trustworthy.”

Earlier today Louise won a romantic date for two. She has chosen Jay to share her prize. Big Brother calls them to the spare room. Louise and Jay enter the boudoir. There is a pair of sexy black thongs on the bed, which Jay immediately picks up and shows off. Jay notices a bottle of massage oil and gets excited. Housemates are peering through the door. Big Brother calls for housemates to give the romantic couple some privacy. Jay puts on the underwear and the dressing gowns on.
Faye approaches Aaron on his bed and asks if he’s ok, he says he’s not upset and she asks if he’s sure. He assures her and they hug.

In the boudoir Jay and Louise are enjoying champagne and oysters. Louise asks if oysters are an “aphrodisiac.” “I think they’re meant to be”Jay replies. Louise tries one and quickly spits it out “It’s horrible,” she moans. Big Brother plays music into the boudoir and their fellow housemates rush to the door and sings along to Another Level’s ‘Freaky.’ Jay and Louise slow dance together and then kiss. Anton is left alone listening to their date through the door.

Jay and Louise are in bed together talking.
Jem is in the diary room talking about Faye’s prize. She says it has given her “a nice insight” into how people “work,” in the house. Jem hope that her sister can use information from seeing the video. Jem says that it was also harsh that Anton and Jay “didn’t give a flip about Faye’s feelings.” Louise and Jay are in bed together kissing, they then pull the covers over their heads. “All this snogging her makes me want you like crazy,” Jay confesses. Some of the housemates are listening by the door, Jay caresses Louise and the covers get pulled higher. Louise sighs.

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